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Please advise regarding house sale

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wannabegood Thu 20-Jun-13 11:16:03

We put our house on the market 10 days ago, we had 23 viewings and an offer of £173,000 the buyer has sold and wanted to complete in 3 weeks
We felt it was too low so they upped it to £175,000. Since then without my consent the estate agent stopped booking viewings and have been pressurising us to take the offer. My daughter in law rang them and they refused her an appointment to view!! In the meantime a friend has viewed with his daughter and she has offered 170,00 plus 5000 cash. He has brought round a mortgage in principal letter and asked if its a deal. Now I havent got a clue what I should do next and I am panicking!! please can anyone advise?

Mendi Sat 22-Jun-13 20:28:24

It's not right to say you have to pay the fee if you didn't name the buyer before signing with EA. It entirely depends on the EA's terms, which you must get a copy of. Might be on their website? If not, call and ask them.

Quite likely that the terms will provide that unless you named a buyer beforehand, you pay a fee on any sale, whether introduced by the EA or not. However, unless the terms expressly say that, and if your private buyer has never contacted the EA, then the EA would have a hard job to succeed in a claim for the fee.

wannabegood Sun 23-Jun-13 08:43:49

thanks I ill check the website

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