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What did you compromise on when buying a house and did you regret it?

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thegraduand Sat 15-Jun-13 18:40:19

Clearly we cannot find the perfect house, but aren't clear in our minds what we should compromise on.

If we but a house in our perfect area it will be a lot smaller than what we want, it too small to fit all our junk things in, so we'd have to have an enormous clear out. We could move a bit further out, get a either a good house with smaller than perfect garden, or a great garden and smaller house, or we can move a lot further out and get the house and garden, but have a longer commute and rubbish traffic.

We are not tidy people and have too much rubbish, to I worry that with too small we would never get tidy.

Do we just hold on for longer and keep looking, but risk prices going up (and they are going up in this area)? We are confused.

thegraduand Tue 18-Jun-13 18:46:24

Well it looks like house no 1 is out, appears the vendors are being less than honest about certain things

House no 2, still lovely but might be too far out, one of the reasons for moving to this town was to cut down on commuting, commute would be around 40 mins, could be more as traffic can be bad.

It's just so tough as there is so little on the market, it's not even like we just can't afford things, there isn't much for sale at a higher price either,aarrgghh

wonkylegs Tue 18-Jun-13 18:50:28

We compromised on the large family kitchen & the location. I also didn't get the large utility (there is a small one), pantry & linen cupboard I wanted.
It's still got a large kitchen but it's not quite the layout we were looking for but still fab.
Location is further out than we initially wanted but I think it's actually a better area.
It feels right too.

ByTheSea Tue 18-Jun-13 21:34:40

We just moved in two weeks ago from a big old character house in the wrong location. Love the new house and location, it just felt right to all of is. It is much smaller bit intelligently laid out with lots of storage but the main family bathroom is downstairs; I would prefer it upstairs with a downstairs cloakroom. At least we have an en-suite.

chickabilla Wed 19-Jun-13 11:05:12

We only looked at houses in our chosen location and this one won as it had the nicest location of all thr houses we saw and ticked the essential boxes (4 bed, playroom, cloakroom, reasonable size garden,).

We compromised a bit on style as I prefer period houses and this is 80s but I am enjoying it being much easier to maintain. Two of the bedrooms are smaller than I would like but fine and there is no kitchen diner but we will knock through. Definitely wouldn't compromise on location.

thegraduand Wed 19-Jun-13 21:14:35

Well we are going round in circles, price of house one has been reduced, making it more reasonable.

We have also found a project house, DH is really up for it, I'm really nervous

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