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Tenancy agreement query

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frostyfingers Fri 14-Jun-13 13:38:56

We had a 12 month tenancy which expired at the end of April. About 3/4 way through April our somewhat dozy letting agents rang and asked if we were leaving or would we like to stay for another year. Since we couldn't find anything we agreed verbally to stay for a further 6 months.

We've not signed any new paperwork to reflect this and I'm wondering where we stand on notices and moving out before that 6 months is up?

Alwayscheerful Fri 14-Jun-13 13:41:47

you are now on a rolling contract, ie a month to month basis and you should give one months notice. Landlord should give you two months notice.

frostyfingers Fri 14-Jun-13 16:59:34

Fabulous, thank you for such a quick response. We found this morning (after 12 months of looking) a much more suitable rental which isn't free for a couple of months but would still require us leaving here before the 6 months is up - nice to know that we can do that.

Thank you - I lurve Mumsnet!

LIZS Fri 14-Jun-13 17:06:41

Same terms and conditions apply, normally it is one month for tenant but do double check . Notice is only effective from next payment date though.

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