South East London - thoughts on Shooters Hill?

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Ilovechorizo Thu 06-Jun-13 16:49:53

I work at Canary Wharf and currently endure a 3 hour daily commute out to Berkshire. Whilst i could get another job closer to home it would mean a change of direction to something I would regard as much less interesting, I really enjoy my job so my wife and I are considering selling up and moving into town. I know that most people with young children are heading in the opposite direction.
The budget is £450K tops and my wife and I both love the whole Edwardian/Victorian thing.
I have been considering Shooters Hill for a number of reasons I like living on hills and rthe views you get and the closeness to a Crossrail station that would be 10 mins into the Wharf is a big draw.
I would really appreicate the honest thoughts of other London folk about this area. I have slight reservations about its closeness to Woolwich if im honest, but it seems like once you climb the hill the area changes markedly.

Please no suggestions from smug Primrose Hill types that i should consider Camden etc as I know my budget would not stretch to a garage there!


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cafedesreves Tue 11-Aug-20 08:58:48

I'm interested in resurrecting this thread as we're very interested for the same reasons!
Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

JoJoSM2 Tue 11-Aug-20 09:15:30

Not exactly the professional family hotspot.

With young children, I’d look a bit further out so that the commute is still ok but the area has a different demographic.

Blue5238 Tue 11-Aug-20 09:15:37

I live down the hill in East Greenwich and know a number of people who have moved up there for a much bigger house without moving far. Oxleas woods is a great outdoor space. It remains relatively cheap because of lack of trains, but I think the walk up and down the hill to Woolwich for transport is fine.
For schools, I know a number of people seem to suddenly discover their inner faith and go to Christ Church. I am not sure what the other options are for primary simply as have been out of that loop for a while. For secondary, the Greenwich Free School is well regarded, and given you are closer to Bexley much higher chance of getting in to grammar too.

cafedesreves Tue 11-Aug-20 09:49:02

Thanks. @JoJoSM2 I have to admit that map is a bit beyond me!
I work in the City and my husband in Canary Wharf so crossrail from Woolwicb would be ideal for us! Christchurch definitely looks a fab primary school but imagine catchment is tight there.

JoJoSM2 Tue 11-Aug-20 10:03:54


Light pink areas afe professional families.

With faith schools, you need to attend church regularly before you apply hence Blue saying that people suddenly discover their inner faith.

cafedesreves Tue 11-Aug-20 10:08:45

I don't mind too much as currently live in Camberwell which is apparently "passive and uncommitted users" haha. I'm CofE so hopefully would be ok for us!


cafedesreves Tue 11-Aug-20 10:17:43

Although even with faith schools, there's still a catchment!

ComtesseDeSpair Tue 11-Aug-20 11:56:58

I’ve just sold up in Woolwich (love the place, bought in 2008 as a new grad with not much money for anywhere else thinking it would just be a short term stop-gap and decided to stay even as my income rose, do not fear proximity to Woolwich!) and considered Shooters Hill for new place because of the relatively low prices compared to surrounding areas. Ultimately, I decided that being over a mile / 20 minute walk from a station just wasn’t tenable either for me or in terms of when it eventually came to resell. I’ve noticed places do tend to stay on the market longer than surrounding areas and I think transport plays a part in that.

(BTW I picked Forest Hill eventually - I also work in Canary Wharf.)

cafedesreves Wed 03-Feb-21 21:40:12

Any updated views on Shooters? Still seems a possible good spot for us!

jaundicedoutlook Wed 03-Feb-21 21:49:43

Used to live in East Dulwich years ago and the other half worked in the Wharf at the time. Even from ED the commute was a drag given the short distances involved.

Shooter’s does have an alarming proximity to Woolwich and, in your shoes, I might consider looking slightly further out where you will still get reasonable value. Beckenham has some nice spots, and you could even go further afield in the direction of Dartford without adding much more time to the commute.

cafedesreves Wed 03-Feb-21 21:59:49

Thanks @jaundicedoutlook. My mum is north London and we're keen to be able to get there quickly(ish) in the car so Shooters appeals more than Beckenham for this reason. Also really like the Victorian houses. Wouldn't CW be easier from Shooters than from ED?

JoannaDory Wed 03-Feb-21 23:20:52

I used to live in Shooters Hill (a long time ago) and TBH it was fine. Very different in character to Woolwich which at that time was very rough and ready. No nearby shops though and I would have thought the local schools were a bit iffy.

Agree that Oxleas Wood is great. I never minded the walk up and down the hill to the station.

Gra18 Thu 04-Feb-21 00:32:43

We nearly bought off shooters hill on the Blackheath standard side but pulled out. We felt it was too far from a station and the road is getting so busy with other roads in the Borough closing. Also look at Charlton near the Westcombe park side, if it’s Victorian style houses you like. Although the Blackwall tunnel is also very busy but there are also good schools. I really like the area and easy access to the city or you can cycle to Canary Wharf through the tunnel (when the lift works).

Foxfan Mon 22-Mar-21 10:44:21

Hi, Shooters Hill slopes are fab! We moved 6 years ago as a couple thinking we might stay for a few years. Now have 2 young girls and no plans to leave! Our road is lovely with a nice community and Victorian terraces. 3 parks/woods within 5-10 minutes stroll. Schools are good and we happily walk down the 15 min to the station when wanting to go into london central. Woolwich put me off before I moved but it has been much nicer than I thought! Some really great cafes and restaurants have opened in the past few years. A lot of the area has changed in the last 5 years, lots of professionals with young families moving in and we love it here.

TomPapacardo Fri 23-Apr-21 00:02:06

@Foxfan may I ask you what area you live in? I'm looking at a place in Broad Walk, don't know if that's proper Shooters or more Blackheath.. any suggestion on that area?

Foxfan Sat 24-Apr-21 21:29:23

Hi @TomPapacardo, Broad Walk is classed as Shooters Hill I think, on the lower end towards Eltham. Still a nice area. I'm further up the hill near to Shrewsbury park.

Foxfan Sat 24-Apr-21 21:33:18

@TomPapacardo it is a nice spot by the cemetery and near to both Eltham, Woolwich and lots of green space

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