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House buying conundrum

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WireCatWhore Wed 05-Jun-13 15:52:56

We sold last week & also had an offer accepted on a house we want.

Vendors estate agents been a bit weird.

I got the impression maybe the vendors were going to pull out. So I put a hold on the survey.

I got notice of a house to market so as this present house was a bit up in the air, I decided to view, just in case.

Bloody hell.

I prefer this house I have just viewed. It's much better located. It's nicer.

It's not perfect but then neither is the 1st house.

Naturally, 1st house is still definitely available.

So I'm stuck now. I'd feel bad to pull out. This house has also been on for 8 months. Also these vendors need to find somewhere.

The house I recently saw, the vendors have somewhere to go. There would be no chain really. We have cash buyers, no chain.

Would I be the worlds most horrible person if I pulled out of the 1st house?

I'd hate it to happen to me, so I'd feel terrible. And yet, this is a lot of money & where we will live, so it's a HUGE decision.


YouKnowOfTheCrunch Wed 05-Jun-13 17:48:29

Posted too soon! I reckon we will. But for what it is it seems a bargain even at that price.

I'm trying not to get excited, but it's really hard.

I've never walked into a house and felt it was so right.

Good luck on Saturday. It's horrible waiting and wondering.

WireCatWhore Wed 05-Jun-13 18:30:31

That's what I got today.

I got "the feeling".

I've heard of "the feeling" but thought it was a load of crap.

It isn't!

Let me know how things go for you!

Erlack Wed 05-Jun-13 20:04:22

I would really love to see the second a links out of the question? grin

YouKnowOfTheCrunch Wed 05-Jun-13 21:01:00

Me too! The first house ticked lots of practical things like plenty of storage, but the second one just... It made me smile.

Surely links would jinx it all! Links after completion to be sure grin

formicadinosaur Wed 05-Jun-13 21:38:18

I think you have to follow your heart at any stage. The only time you are committed is on exchange.

WireCatWhore Fri 07-Jun-13 13:50:26

I've been to the 1st house today. Well the area, not into the house. Had a walk around
Area is fine. I had a wobble about the area.

So will make final decision tomorrow.

How's it going for you youknow?

YouKnowOfTheCrunch Fri 07-Jun-13 21:21:42

Hello wirecat smile

Well, our offer is in on house number 2, and our survey on house number one came back today. It has major damp problems that could cost 10s of thousands to fix.

In many ways I'm very glad we saw house number 2. Otherwise this news would have been devastating. Either way house number one is off the cards. I'm looking forward to telling the vile estate agent, but need to bear in mind that it's possible I may want to buy from him at a later date.

How can I tell him to go screw himself in such a way that he won't hold it against me grin

Jan49 Sat 08-Jun-13 00:34:39

I think it's fine to pull out, WireCat, but I think if you do you could explain to the estate agent that it looked as if the vendors were about to pull out so you carried on viewing other houses and that's how you came to find the alternative house.

WireCat Sun 09-Jun-13 10:05:01

Bugger me.

House I liked before ours sold has come back on the market.

Much bigger.

This is ridiculous.

I must stop being so indecisive.

We are making a decision this evening & I simply must out this 3rd house out of my mind. Especially as its very near the 1st house.

WireCat Sun 09-Jun-13 14:01:53

Regardless, we are pulling out of the 1st house.

Am seeing the 3rd house on Weds. Is huge. Fits all our needs.

Or we will go for the 2nd.

Coconutty Sun 09-Jun-13 14:06:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WireCat Sun 09-Jun-13 14:16:18

That's awful.

I certainly wouldn't do that.

Hence us pulling out now, as we are wavering. It's not fair on the vendors.

The people who pulled out of the house we are seeing on weds have pulled out of another property with the same agent a few months ago. This agent said they won't deal with these people again.

Pulling out on the day of exchange is the stuff of nightmares!

TerrysNo2 Sun 09-Jun-13 17:11:57

wirecat you must be the only person on here who is spoilt for choice! let us know which one you pick!

WireCat Sun 09-Jun-13 17:30:19

Threw a bloody spanner in the works with the 3rd house coming back on the market.

Mind you, you think they'd be more enthusiastic about a viewer. EA was saying to em, we are ready to go, mortgage sorted, our cash buyer has had survey done. Weds evening was the soonest we could view. hmm

WireCat Sun 09-Jun-13 20:13:33

We are going for house 2.

Decision Made.


WireCat Mon 10-Jun-13 13:03:29

Pulled out of 1st house.

Offer in on the second house.

fingers crossed

WireCat Tue 11-Jun-13 18:18:20

So offer on 2nd house declined. Fair enough, thought they would. But the spanner in the works for that house is that the house they were after has gone so they need to do a whole new search.

A house came on the market the other day, that I liked but was sold before mine. Except its come back on. Am going to view that tomorrow evening as they have a house to go to.

So another decision to be made on Thursday!

nemno Wed 12-Jun-13 15:26:07

So what was the house you viewed last night like?

WireCat Wed 12-Jun-13 16:41:49

That's tonight I'm viewing that.

Then it will decision time.

Will report back later!

nemno Wed 12-Jun-13 19:35:17

Sorry yes, thought today was Thurs...long week.

Good luck

WireCat Thu 13-Jun-13 09:46:20

Loved last nights house.

Offer in!

drums fingers impatiently

Erlack Thu 13-Jun-13 10:26:40

Oooh, this is so exciting. Keep us posted!

YouKnowOfTheCrunch Thu 13-Jun-13 19:05:36

Exciting times Wirecat!

We've just been back to house number 2. I love it. We're still waiting to hear back on our offer. So far nothing. But they have been on holiday so we knew there'd be a delay. There's another offer in too.

They might steal my house sad

flow4 Thu 13-Jun-13 23:34:33

So...?! grin

Jaynebxl Fri 14-Jun-13 07:57:33

So is the offer in on the third house?

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