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Where best to live in SE England? Help please.

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EspressoMonkey Wed 29-May-13 19:58:00

Last week DH hit me with the bombshell, he has been offered a good job in London and wants to take it. We lived in London previously and still have our house there but i don't want to move back in. I want a fresh start. DD is due to start school in September so this move will really screw up her start of school. I'm terrified she won't get a good place anywhere.

So...I want to move to a naice village/town commutable to London.

I want naice neighbours, good schools. I don't want to live next door to Peter Andre. I was thinking of somewhere in Kent. DH has said no to Surrey as he thinks it is a sea of botoxed middle aged borings. I really have no idea what it is like or where we should move to.

Help me please, DH's potential new company want to fly us over for an inticement day and have arranged for me to meet with a home search agent. They have asked me where to start looking and i said i have no idea so they showed me a house on Dormans Park in East Grinstead and i emailed it to my sister and she laughed and said it was the street where Peter fecking Andre lives.

Please help me find my naice new neighbourhood. I need to email back the home search agent by the end of the week with a list of potential areas.

itried Sat 29-Jun-13 10:19:37

Have lived in and liked both Sevenoaks (shorter commute) and Tunbridge Wells (on the Hastings branch line). Tonbridge is on the main line and the commute is just a little longer than Sevenoaks - may be a little cheaper than the others for property.

Yardley Court school just outside Tonbridge has separate provision for girls and boys on the same campus & with fantastic grounds. Don't know about state schools there, though. In T Wells St John's state primary used to be good & is beside an area of Victorian houses of all sizes if that floats your boat. If you are hoping for a place for September, finding a place in a good state school will be difficult.

Wish it were me! I have very happy memories of that area of Kent.

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