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Render expert anyone?

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karron Wed 29-May-13 12:34:05

Bought a detached stone build property that is rendered probably 100+ years ago to hide brick extension. Render has been patched over the years. We need to re-render it but one builder has said lime render it and another is proposing something more modern and is a render specialist.

Still awake? Then what would be best?

answers Wed 29-May-13 15:29:13

We had the front or our house down about 8 months ago and the guy used 'terylene render'.... it came in a choice of colours - we went for white- and they chipped off all the old stuff and then sprayed about 2 layers of this stuff on ... all seems great at the moment.... front of house only cost about £1000 I think with scaffolding and chipping off the old stuff costs...
Hope this helps...

karron Wed 29-May-13 15:32:27

Thanks, off to google

wonkylegs Thu 30-May-13 08:17:49

As it's an old stone building I would also recommend a lime render as this allows the building to breathe. The problem with modern renders (acrylic, concrete or silicon) is that they are waterproof and on older constructions such as single thickness (non cavity) stone Walls this prevents them from breathing. This means moisture that should naturally escape through the Walls gets trapped causing problems with damp/condensation, this can also with time cause the render to blow/fail and fall off.
In a modern construction or cavity wall construction I wouldn't hesitate to use an acrylic or silicon render (weber rend, k-rend and Sto are all ones I've used and are really good)
I know a lot less about lime render although other colleagues use it a lot on older properties (I tend to do new stuff)
here's a bit of detailed info about render on stone, there is loads more info out there just google rendering old stone buildings.

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