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Didcot Parkway - any plus points apart from its strategic position?

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allaflutter Wed 29-May-13 00:31:20

Apart from the good quick rail links to London and other cities, is it really as dull as people say on MN?

I have another thread about relatively inexpensive areas that may be on the up, but still compiling a list (Bedford, etc) as not a lot on the market in those.

What is Didcot like for:
green spaces
shops and places to eat/cafes
crime levels
connections to the Midlands, rather than just the west

One issue is, it seems to be all modern houses - are there period areas, and how far from the station? Is any nice area within walking distance or easy bus/taxi to station?


JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 29-May-13 07:54:25

It's all modern ime because it was only really created for the massive power station.
It's ugly and boring IMO - there are much nicer places in the surrounding area for much the same prices.
I don't like didcott - can you tell?! grin

ArabellaBeaumaris Wed 29-May-13 07:57:35

I don't know Didcot itself but there are beautiful villages around it.

JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 29-May-13 07:57:49

There's also a big rise in unemployment in the area so crime has risen in line with that.

If you live in one of the surrounding areas people will say how rough it is in comparison, I'm not sure how true that is or whether its just snobbyness. Obviously most places in Oxfordshire are not 'rough' when compared to other counties but its all relative smile

Abra1d Wed 29-May-13 08:10:50

A huge number of new houses are planned in Didcot and its environs, so be careful where you go if you look at surrounding areas. Villages like Harwell are very pretty but will be altered, character-wise, by having fields turned into new builds. The power station has now closed and apparently parts of it may be coming down, but will be there for a little bit. It's hard to miss.

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 08:12:28

Its got some lovely villages nearby. I don't think its reputation is deserved really..

It wasn't created for the power station - it was there long before that (and now the coal power station is being demolished, if you dont like the look of it), there are lots of things locally that encouraged the growth... AEA technology,Milton park etc.

I wasn't aware of the job issue in Didcot though..

Don't underestimate the travel links - its really easy to travel anywhere from didcot.

There are some nicer

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 08:14:54

I thought the permission wasn't granted for the fields between harwell and didcot?

The villages are really nice. Some can be rat runs in the morning, esp ones on the way to Abingdon or in the direction of the m40. Ones like hagbourne are lovely, despite their proximity to didcot

vess Wed 29-May-13 08:16:37

Not sure about the other things but it has a nice swimming pool with a wave machine and a slide, close to a lovely big playground. :-)

Abra1d Wed 29-May-13 08:59:57

I read one thing one week and one thing the next week, alienbanana! Latest seems to be 2,150 homes at Valley Park, Harwell Parish, east of the A34.

I actually don't find Didcot too bad. There is a lovely little community hospital and a library and that side of the town still retains something of a traditional suburban feel. The new shopping centre isn't bad, either, though not exactly Bluewater. And it's easy to get out and about into the countryside, or nip on the train to Oxford or Bath.

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 09:12:38

Oh bloody hell... That's not great

Abra1d Wed 29-May-13 12:24:37

Of course, it could all change again--there have been so many reverses already!

allaflutter Wed 29-May-13 14:29:49

thanks everyone for replies! hmm I was hoping for something more positive - oh well! grin. I take it, no even a big park in town or nearby there?
I did mean to ask, if not Didcot itself, then any nice surrounding places which have their own station a couple of stops away to didcot?
I'd consider Abingdon, but no train there.

Pagwatch Wed 29-May-13 14:33:29

Goring, Pangbourne?

Didcot is grim tbh.

Abra1d Wed 29-May-13 16:12:39

Culham or Radley might be worth looking at.

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 16:18:34

Cholsey is another one.

The area is lacking a bit tbh.. I wouldnt live there now.

Have you looked at Thame, or that sort of area?

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 16:20:40

Actually, a lot of the area is ok.. but a lot of the nice market towns nearby don't have rail links, which is probably the only reason why didcot is still expanding.

Ooh, what about Newbury?

JazzAnnNonMouse Wed 29-May-13 16:38:25

Thame has haddenham and Thame parkway close (it's actually closer to haddenham from memory)

holmessweetholmes Wed 29-May-13 17:17:33

Loads of lovely villages nearby, but Didcot itself is pretty bloody grim.

allaflutter Wed 29-May-13 19:22:45

wow, it's THAT bad then! shock
Thame, Abingdon and Radley - I've heard they aer nice, but as alien says, strangely no rail links - how do people commute, only by car to London, or do they all drive to Didcot then train? I assume it's no good relying on buses to the station .
I have no doubt villages that are nice, but I'm not ready for a village, lived in cities so far. Goring is v.expensive, isn't it?

allaflutter Wed 29-May-13 19:23:40

'that villages' in last paragraph.

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 19:36:07

People bus into Oxford and train from there, or drive to the park and ride in Oxford and bus to London. Some will drive to Didcot and train from there, but reckon that's mostly the villages south of Abingdon.

I don't think there are a huge number of people who live in towns without rail links that do commute to London.. its just not really feasible.

The rail link really is Didcots major selling point.... The place may be a bit of a shithole, but its really easy to get out wink

(its really not that bad btw... I'd live there over Abingdon any day!)

alienbanana Wed 29-May-13 19:39:27

Thame (well, Haddenham) has rail links, so does Radley. Abingdon used to have a line, but its not been active in decades

allaflutter Wed 29-May-13 20:10:19

grin at 'shithole, but easy to get out'!
alien, so people bus from where to Oxford? all of these towns?
Is Thame/Haddenham nicer than Radley and Abingdon then (thought Ab was nicest)? Are T and H linked - or is it a hike from Thame to H station?
Do you think they will be growing in value for houses, or the opposite?

MrsAlwaysRight Wed 29-May-13 20:13:01

Didcot really isn't as bad as many people make out!

In answer to your questions, shops and places to eat are predominantly in and around the Orchard Centre, there are plans for expansion of this area over the next few years.

Quite a few green spaces and parks in Didcot and plenty in the surrounding areas.

Crime levels really are very low when you compare to UK averages. If you take a look at the Thames Valley Police page for the area there are links to the monthly updates which will give you an idea of the kind of incidents occurring locally and you can also look at the crime figures TVP

Connections to Midlands by rail and car are pretty good.

There are a large number of modern houses but the main areas for period properties are around the Lydalls Road, Foxhall Road and Manor Road area which is where the original village was and is very close to the train station.


Pagwatch Wed 29-May-13 21:42:36

It's a lovely area to live in if you don't commute.
My sisters live and work in Abingdon, wallingford and Benson. They are really nice if you live and work there.
I lived in Cholsey and commuted to the city. It was ok. Didcot was shit. My mother still lives there and it's a bit grim.
Yes, goring and pangbourne are expensive. So are Abingdon and other nice towns/villages . It's an expensive area

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