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Tidying garden before moving

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runforthehills65 Mon 27-May-13 16:26:24

I am completing on my house this Friday and it is just me and DS packing everything up before removal men come. I will just about have time to pack it all up and clean the house but everything in the garden has suddenly grown. Mowed the lawn last week and it's really long again. Just haven't got the energy to do gardening. It's just all a bit overgrown (but not great when it was for sale either). Should I get a person in to sort it out with a quick mow and cut back? Or just accept that it is as it is?

Cassiphone Mon 27-May-13 16:30:05

I wouldn't bother at this time of year, it will look scruffy again within a few days at the rate everything is growing - the new owners should know that.

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