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Tell me more (about your floor)

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Labracadabra Sun 26-May-13 08:30:22

We're having an extension built to open up the kitchen and have a large, open plan kitchen/ dining room with a family area (sofas, toys etc) at the end. The total room size including kitchen is approx 4m wide by 11m long. We're having underfloor heating (hot water) put in the dining/ family area. What should I put on the floor? I know tiles perform best with underfloor heating but I want it to be cosy and inviting not cold and clinical. When I think about sofas on tiles I can't help thinking of Spanish houses which are all very well in hot climates but not exactly cosy English country cottage in the winter! If we put rugs down will we feel the underfloor heating <naive emoticon>? What about wood or does it insulate too well to work with underfloor heating? What have you got?

ExasperatedSigh Sun 26-May-13 08:34:28

Mmmm, underfloor heating. I can't help with suggestions because our floors are shit, but I can tell you that we had underfloor heating in my childhood flat and it was noticeable through both kitchen tiles and carpet.

The cat used to sprawl out on the kitchen floor in winter grin

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