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yodpet Sat 25-May-13 13:55:11

I asked the builders to quote the job for completely gutted of the garage which I will make as study room, my studio which is next to the garage, both room have problem with damp and pipe leak somewhere!, and also small bathroom in the studio. They have to brake out and remove the concrete floor and try to find the leaking, dig out and replace with new insulated, water proof lapped to join tanking, 100 cm concrete slab, 50 m insulation,75 m final screed, water proof render tanking on all the walls. dry lining , 25 m insulated plaster board to all walls, plastered board to all rooms and stud work and ceilings, all plastering ceiling and wall. Form 2 door opening with one new double R.S.J. support, rebuild the front of garage with 100m cavity wall and put new db glazed window. Also put new db glazed door to the conservatory, new sealed manhole to existing in garage, plus all carpentry work, fit the new bathroom, fit the floor, paint and decorating wall new small. The Garage is 6.66x2.30 sq m,the studio is 4,45x3.68sq m and bathroom is very small which I can put new loo, sink and tiny shower room.How much is going to cost me. The builders quoted £25,000 and said they can finish within 4 to 5 weeks. There will be 3 builders. Then I will have the plumber relocate the water pipes in garage and fix radiator in garage and studio and electrician will also relocate the applience and put new sockets. It will cost me extra £1,800/ What do you think about the price altogether. Some people said I will be rip off with the cost. Anyone has idea if it can be cheaper. Please advice

MoonlightandRoses Sat 25-May-13 21:32:42

How many builders have you had quote you for the job? Prices, and quality, can vary wildly.

To give you an idea - we were looking at a tip 'developer's delight' recently and there was a difference of £300k between the first quote to renovate and the last one. (Interestingly also, the most expensive one dropped his price by 50% and removed a few 'unnecessaries' when we explained why we wouldn't be taking him on...)

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