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I have a kitchen!!!!!

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Honestyisbest Thu 23-May-13 21:17:47

I have had no kitchen since February but tonight I cooked in our new range cooker, ate in our new dining room and then loaded up the dishwasher. I am so pleased with it. We have grey painted shaker cabinets, chrome handles, light coloured granite, a Falcon range and a Fisher and Payel fridge which is also our cold water dispenser. Thank you to all the MNetters who helped me reach decisions and play around with ideas.

FishfingersAreOK Thu 23-May-13 21:37:13

I think you need to go and open your fridge, grab a bottle, open your glass cupboard, grab a glass and have some wine.

Was there a few months back. Is fab isn't it. Well done, congratulations and are you stroking things yet?

Honestyisbest Thu 23-May-13 21:43:19

Yes just had a glass of vino from DH's one item of fridge! I chose the rest and must say I enjoyed doing it. Lovely builders and trades people. Was funny this evening when they moved out!
off to stroke the new work top....grin

Littleolivetree Fri 24-May-13 14:29:52

Post a picture. Sounds like my dream kitchen. Enjoy!

Honestyisbest Fri 24-May-13 21:41:20

I will! Still got a few things to do such as the splash back then will photograph. The last few decisions....

hellohellohihi Sat 25-May-13 19:26:01

Ooh pics please!

I'm obsessed with loving grey at the moment and want to do our kitchen with pale grey units. Where did you get yours from? We'll be refurbing our current ones so looking at paints but am keen to see yours for inspiration. What kind of worktops did you go with?

I'm excited for you!!!

Honestyisbest Sat 25-May-13 22:18:29

Yes I love it. Harvey Jones shaker cabinets, Dulux heritage Georgian grey. Top tip they painted three coats of paint and the three layers really made a difference to the colour, worth bearing in mind when you are painting up sample boards. It's a lovely warm grey.
What's the easiest way to add pics......although the colour doesn't seem to come out very true when I take pics on my phone anyway.

hellohellohihi Mon 27-May-13 19:11:59

No ideas about How to post pics but dying to see!

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