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Norwich vs more rural location

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Misty9 Thu 23-May-13 20:50:02

Appreciate any input from those who know Norwich and Norfolk/Suffolk.

We currently live in rented near Unthank Road in the estate-agent-named 'golden triangle' area. Which we love, location wise. However, our budget to buy would only really get us a small terraced Victorian house with too many compromises for me personally. Namely, third bedroom off second (not always the case though), usually downstairs bathroom, and especially the small galley kitchens.

So, we are pondering the surrounding villages/towns but are a bit worried we'd be going for house over location...a no no in property hunting terms I think. We relocated to Norwich a couple of years ago so don't know it that well in terms of nice areas etc.

Where else in the near vicinity to Norwich would we get:
Access to good parks
Nice community feel
Good schools (ds is 21mo but this move would be for 5-10yrs hopefully)
3/4 bed Semi or detached property with large living space and room for home office (garage or study) and off street parking
Not an estate location

Or would we ultimately regret not being as central as we currently are? I'm a sahm and dh works from home, so I in particular utilise local amenities (sure start centres etc) but this could change if I start working.


Misty9 Fri 14-Jun-13 09:45:46

I don't know either, but ds is only 21mo so it's likely we'd move again by the time he goes to high school. The infant/junior schools are outstanding apparently..?

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