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Moving to South of Bristol - suggestions?

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Sunnyshores Wed 22-May-13 18:03:28

We're moving to the Winscombe area of North Somerset in August. We'll be renting first so we can get to know the area, but was after suggestions for villages?

I dont want to be more than 15 minutes from Winscombe (for school), period house, 4+ beds, 1 acre+ land, in a village or small town.

Dont know the area at all, but have driven through Wedmore once which looked the sort of place we'd like. Any other suggestions please?

kitsmummy Wed 22-May-13 18:18:29

I'm four miles from Wedmore and tbh if you can afford what you'd want there, I'd not bother looking anywhere, it's pretty much perfect in my opinion!

The Swan and The George are both great pubs in Wedmore, as is The Sheppey in Godney, good schools inc Kings of Wessex senior (outstanding ofsted). Beautiful countryside and fantastic little shops, inc award winning deli and butchers in Wedmore, what's not to love :-).

If i haven't sold it enough though, take a look at the Chew Valley villages, v desirable too

Sunnyshores Wed 22-May-13 21:18:16

Kitsmummy - thanks for info.

The houses I've seen for sale actually in Wedmore dont seem to have the land we want, so would probably have to live a few miles out. My only concern was that as it was so pretty and had more shops than most places in the area, it may get really busy? Can you park easily enough and walk into a cafe and get a seat etc? Can you drive through easily enough at school run time? Or would I have to be Winscombe side of it?

Re Chew Valley - any villages in particular?

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