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Anybody for a mutual packing support thread?

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jenduck Wed 22-May-13 08:22:29

We'll, it's here! After many moons of trying to buy our house & sell another one, the time had come to move out!

We complete on the sale a week on Monday, but we are moving out this weekend as it's a long weekend. We also have to live with my parents for a couple of months before the purchase completes (same village) & are putting our freezer, washing machine etc in storage, so best to do that this weekend.

I have 2 dses, 4 & 2, who I am at home alone with for 4/5 weekdays, although ds1 has preschool each morning & ds2 has nursery on 2 mornings. As such, I am finding it difficult to pack, but it needs to be done!

So far the loft is clear (our biggest battle), our room & ds2's room are clear except for random bits that I don't know where to put & the lounge is clearish.

Is anybody else in the same position & maybe wanting to do some mutual spurring on??

Not much further blush our supply of boxes hasnt happened, they were given to someone else envy now need to find boxes asap! stuff wise, we have alot of books and dvds. going to have a good declutter this weekend as we have no other plans and its going to piss down

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