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Insurance or British homecare job? Or both?

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Birdy28 Mon 20-May-13 21:13:41

We have been loosing pressure on the boiler for about a month now to the point where we have had to top up the pressure every week for the last two weeks which suggested a leak.

I was watching TV tonight when the bath was running and heard a tapping noise. Looked up to where it was and noticed the lining paper on the ceiling was hanging down in this area.

After a bit of looking it looks as though the ceiling is cracked under the lining paper. It isn't wet but there looks like there are water stains so could be a slow leak (I was hoping it was just a rad that was leaking confused). I think it may be a hot water pipe that is leaking as you can't hear the tapping noise at any other time.

We have a home care agreement with British gas. Should I call them first to repair pipe and then tell home insurance in case ceiling needs re plastering etc? Or do I ring insurance first? Will they repair the leak or just redecorating?

I just don't to do the wrong thing first and then not be able to claim from house insurance if ceiling needs work/carpet gets ruined/ floorboards need redoing etc. I'm a bit naive when it comes to these things! blush

kittycat68 Mon 20-May-13 22:03:14

just because there is tapping from there does not mean the leak is there it just means theres area trapped at that point in the pipe work. you are correct in the fact theres a slow leak some wear. I don't think you have enough evidence to claim a leak on insurance but may be wrong I would advise a plumber first!

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