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Help! I'm doing the £300 B&Q unloved room project and I'm clueless!

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thecatcamebacktheverynextday Sun 19-May-13 09:48:28

Hi guys, looking for some help! I've been chosen as one of the 20 Mumsnetters by B&Q to do up an unloved room and I'm a bit stuck. I'm doing my dining room - have put some pics up on my profile (excuse the mess!) as I could really use a bit of help. I have until 3rd June to get it done.

The room needs a lot of work - at some point soon I'm going to take the carpet up as we have lovely original floorboards, and sand them. We repainted the room when we moved in a few years back as it was a hideous mushroom brown colour, but the pale yellow we chose has never really suited it (and shows up a lot of dirt from us walking in from the garden, and the cat).

Our house was built in 1900 so still has some period features that I've tried to make the most of around the rest of the house. The room is North-east facing and we're mid-terrace so it doesn't get much light, apart from a little at the end of the day during high-summer. I really want to make it into a warm, comfy place to have dinner.

We currently don't have a dining table and I'm trying to sell the large dark sideboard so I can get a new (smaller) sideboard and dining table that matches it.

So, I'd like to repaint the room for a start - but what colour? The rest of the house is colours like pale blue, apple green and a mid-yellow so it needs to suit. I don't really like feature walls. blush I was think about possibly an olive green or another warm green colour, but not too dark. Any thoughts? Would some other colour be more suitable?

I quite like the look of this room from the Homebase page as the furniture is what I'd like to get eventually - this one. I've had a look on other pages but struggled.

Can anybody give me some much needed advice please? Thanks so much smile

ChippyMinton Sun 19-May-13 12:01:20

Come over to the feedback thread (MNHQ sent a link by email) there's a few of us there.
I'd make a feature of the fireplace and cupboard, and minimise the window by having a neutral/pale curtains or roman blind. Hang a large picture above the fireplace as a focal point?
Are you taking up the carpet now?

thecatcamebacktheverynextday Sun 19-May-13 20:39:35

Thanks Chippy, I've posted there now smile. I'd been thinking of hanging a large picture above the fireplace - will have to find one I like now!

I was planning on taking the carpet up and doing the sanding myself (eek) but I doubt I'll get it done before the 3rd June. Either way it'll be done very soon.

What do you think of painting the room green?

allotmentgirl82 Mon 20-May-13 01:58:06

we live in a Victorian terraced house. our dining room looks a similar size to yours and is also north facing so doesn't get much light.
We have painted the alcoves in an olive green and put wall lights up on either side. the chimney breast has feature wallpaper in a sage green with gold flowers (sounds vile but looks great).
The other three walls are magnolia. We have laminate flooring down and have gold curtains.
OH put up new skirting boards,dado rail and picture rail and painted them white.
We have a six seat table with a pendant lamp over that has two shades- (think pool table light)- although the shades are white not green!
We have a gas fire that looks like a coal fire, with a white fire surround.
The whole room cost us £300 inc all wood, pain, flooring, doors etc
if you want any pictures i can send them via mobile

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