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Aaaaaaaangry and advice needed

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3uper3tressed Thu 16-May-13 21:20:02

Arrgh, second post ever after one of the most stressful weeks of my life! In the process of selling house, buying another, changing job and supporting my Sister with a very nasty court battle involving my toxic mother and her criminal, stalking xh.....

So, we found the house we want 4 weeks ago, builder agrees to part exchange ours for a reasonable price if we do not sell within 2 weeks...on the last day of those two weeks a teacher contacts our estate agent to view and then asks to meet us as well....offers 5k more than builder, great, but we didn't want to risk the holding deposit we had laid down for the new house or the £5k we had paid builder to fit dishwasher, carpets and flooring...teachers begs and pleads, convinces us she is 100% reliable, first time buyer, no rental agreement, mortgage already agreed in principle...will not let us down etc etc, so we speak to builder who asks us to sell to her rather than to them, then them to market it....I am mega pleased as want the house to go to someone who will love as much as we do and the commission to go to our lovely independent estate agent rather than the large corporation used by the builder...

Today, phone call at 8pm - she has pulled out, despite the begging, pleading and reassurances that she is reliable, loves our house etc. And the fact that we explained to her the money at risk if she pulled out so tomorrow we have to go back to builder, tail between legs and try to renegotiate...we have no power at all...we have been naive, tried to do 'the right thing' by selling to her, saving the builder legal costs and ensuring our agent gets paid for the work he does and we have been screwed angry

lalalonglegs Thu 16-May-13 22:21:52

Yet another example of why people that make offers should have to put down some sort of bond. "Buyrs" change their mind and walk away all the time because they know they can.

3uper3tressed Fri 17-May-13 06:35:36

Its just so frustrating...I feel so manipulated! The difference to us was a few after the estate agents cost so we originally decided to ignore and part x bit then we're convinced to sell to her...I really hope the conversation with the builder goes well today, not quite sure how to handle. I actually have her number and really want to message her so she is aware of the consequences of her actions - reckon it'll cost us at least a few k to placate the builder, then there's the stress of trying to re-sort out the mortgage, just seems so unfair that she can walk away with no consequences angry

I like your idea of a buyer's bond...we have paid ken because we know we want the house and are committed to it, but I feel it leaves us a bit vulnerable too....

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