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Moving to Cornwall

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mybeautifulboys Thu 16-May-13 16:31:05

Hi there, we are planning to move to Cornwall this year to live and work, along with our 2 young boys. We have been visiting twice a year for many years and have spent a lot of time there, so we are familiar with a few areas.

We love St Agnes as we have a caravan at Perranporth nearby, but would like to know what the vilages surrounding are like, and the schools. I'm not sure how we could visit the schools during term as we live 9 hours drive away. Perhaps somebody on here may know a little about the area?

Thank you for any replies.

Planetofthedrapes Fri 17-May-13 06:51:20

Good luck with finding a job not in the tourism industry or Treliske Hospital.

Can't comment on the current state of the schools, although the one in Blackwater village used to have a poor reputation.

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