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Opinions wanted please...what colour bi-fold doors?

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LittleMissDizzy Mon 13-May-13 19:56:42

Hi everyone, would really appreciate your thoughts. We're about to start our kitchen extension which will include a 5m run of glass doors, am thinking aluminium bi-fold but could possibly change my mind and have sliding doors. I'm really struggling to decide which colour would be best. I love the look of darker colour doors, like a charcoal grey but we have white PVC windows so wondering whether white would look better? We do have one downstairs window near the run of doors. What is your preference?

suzannened Tue 14-May-13 11:46:39

we had same dilemma as were putting bifold doors in dining room & living room but windows white. I didn't like look of white doors so we went with dark & it looks great (only time you see upstairs windows at same time is from bottom of garden)

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