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gas water heater and/or plumber thinking outside the box

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soundevenfruity Mon 13-May-13 16:20:05

We live in a 60s house where water and heating are done separately. We are still in two minds about existing hot air system for heating our house as it has as many pros as cons. But we definitely need to change our ancient water boiler. It seems nothing has been done to it since the house was built and with water tank and heater part it takes too much space and showers need a pump to run otherwise they just trickle.

Hence, the conundrum. All local plumbers I contacted told me it's impossible to have a gas water heater with the same output as combi boilers. Or they suggest those electric showers that make noise and don't produce enough hot water anyway. I had a look myself and found what I need on American websites and they recommend German and Japanese makes. I am reluctant to employ a plumber who never installed anything like this and they don't seem to be interested in unusual set ups anyway. Does anybody know how I go about finding one?

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