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Help to oppose tipping (waste) application

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MsGee Mon 13-May-13 12:40:07


I posted this in chat but it was suggested to post here ...

I want to oppose a planning application near me and need some help in structuring my response.

Nearby golf club is expanding and has out in an application for this which would mean 130 HGV vehicles per day (for 12 months) trundling near my house.

Entry point (65 vehicles) is on a country road. Fair enough.

Exit (65 vehicles per day) is on a narrow road. Runs from a main road past my estate (only exit from estate to town). Exit is on a bend where the road narrows. As the road goes to town there is just enough room for two cars. It cannot be widened and overhanging foliage narrows road further. However road also used for parking which already causes a few (bearable and minor) problems. With 6 HGVs per hour it will be horrific and v dangerous. Most people have near misses on the road as it is - you either scrape your car on the bushes or drive slightly near to the centre and hope you have time to swerve if you see a car (road has a bend in it blocking visibility further up). Road not v long so easily backed up.

If HGV went other way it is through a village, equally with narrow lanes and the school talk children on walks going across the road. The road is also liable to flooding and regularly does so (not impassable but enough to cause problems).

Both roads are v narrow to the extent that they only have a narrow pavement on one side.

Road is also one of two entry points to primary school on the estate.

I have emailed Councillor to say that I am concerned and need to put something to the County Council but hoped for advice on what to focus on. Other than its plainly a stupid idea...

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