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Thinking of knocking through dining room/kitchen for victorian house

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Rollergirl1 Sun 12-May-13 15:58:02

We have a fairly large 4 bed double fronted victorian house. Dining room on the left with kitchen behind. The living room is on the right and goes all the way through to the back with a little alcove and what we call the play-room at the back.

I am thinking about knocking the wall through from the dining room to the kitchen and making a big living space with brand new kitchen. Also bi-folding doors at the end looking out to the garden. We also have a cloakroom at the end of our hall that we would possibly look in to making a wet room. And also make the playroom at the end of our current living room in to an office, so would mean building a wall.

Does anyone have a ball-park figure on how much this would cost? Need to get DH on side.

Daisybell1 Tue 14-May-13 01:22:08

We're about to do very similar to our house. We have a living room with kitchen behind, then across the hall have two really under-used rooms. Plan is to move kitchen to back one of these and knock through to the front to make a family room. The current lounge stays the same with the kitchen behind being split into an office and downstairs loo.

We've been quoted £9k for the building works but we only need 1 set of steels as we're not doing any extra doors into the garden etc. The steels are quoted at about £2.5k as we have an 80cm wide wall to support. You may need to same again if you need steels for the back of the house as well. The overall 9k includes lining and insulating the whole family room, plumber and electrician plus making the chimney ready for a log burner and installing it.

Just as a caveat, we are in the frozen north.

Hope this helps smile

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