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Make me feel better (or worse) about my house move...

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AllBoxedUp Fri 10-May-13 15:20:12

I'm hopefully moving house soon and am not feeling great about it. I'm worried we've sold for too much and are buying for too little so thought I would find out how much people value/would pay for the differences between the two houses. We are selling for £190K and buying for £250K and the houses are very close to each other.

Current house - semi-detached/link terraced near entrance of a long cul de sac:
Living room that's just big enough to be a diner as well if tables pushed against the wall when not in use
Kitchen with small table (ok fitted kitchen but seen better days)

B1 - big double
B2 - decent double
B3 - small single
Bathroom with shower over bath (nice white bathroom suite but finish not great)

Small but nice mature garden - feels very private
Brick storage shed
Off road parking for 2 cars (one behind the other)

New house - detached on main road into village:
Living room
Small dining room (joined onto living room)
Kitchen with not v new but very nice units
Utility room in same units as kitchen and good size (though conservatory type build)
Good sized conservatory

B1 - big double
B2 - decent double
B3 - very small single but usable
Bathroom with separate shower - all nice

About same size as current but L-shaped so long and narrow
More overlooked than current garden
Off road parking for 2 cars

So we're paying £60K to have a detached house, dining room, conservatory, utility, cloakroom and garage rather than outhouse/shed. Does this seem right? Our current house is 73m2 and new house is 90m2 according to the EPC. Sorry if this is the most boring post ever! Just having some major last minute questions......just hope we exchange soon so I can stop thinking about it.

MoonlightandRoses Fri 10-May-13 15:29:37

I suppose, first off - why did you originally pick the new house? Are you planning on staying there long-term?

To me it sounds as though you've compromised a little on garden space and possibly, depending on noise levels from road, location. However, in return you have acquired:

Ability to add on at least one room downstairs and one room upstairs
(garage conversion),
Possibly also use loft space too for one further room
Now have sufficient reception space not to always be falling over each-other
Good sized bathroom
Downstairs loo
The garden can be re-planted for extra privacy too, I'd imagine

Doesn't sound too bad a deal to me! grin

AllBoxedUp Fri 10-May-13 15:37:06

Thanks moonlight. We chose it because it was the only house in our village with more living space we could afford at the time and not much has come on since then either. We put our house on the market because there was a different house we hoped to buy but in the end we weren't successful. This house came on and it seemed ok so we went for it but I guess I didn't fall for it in the same way as with the other one. I hope we won't be there forever but we could cope if we do. I would ideally have liked a house with 3 decent bedrooms and a better garden but think this is realistically what we will get if we want to stay in the area. I suppose I feel annoyed that we are maybe paying more as it is detached when I don't really care that much about that aspect of it. It will be great to have more living space though.

MoonlightandRoses Fri 10-May-13 15:59:53

Ah, that would explain the nerves then, you are still mourning the one that got away. The space may not be perfect, but it really sounds as though you could either make it perfect for you or, once the market picks up in five years, then you can pretty it up and move on to one that will be.

Seriously though, it's well worth ignoring what's there and drawing up how you'd like it to be. It really does sound as though it has some good possibilities if you give it a chance.

AllBoxedUp Fri 10-May-13 18:30:30

Thanks again. I think it's going to be fine - the whole process has taken way too long so I feel pretty nervous now it looks like it's going to happen.

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