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External lighting

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Karbea Thu 09-May-13 11:48:39


We live in a pretty dark road (only streetlight is in the road our road is off of). We've a couple of lights on the house that are movement sensors but they are kind of broken and don't really light the road or the house very well.
I've been looking at external lights but i'm not really sure what to go for, the house is cottagey and we've currently got traditional black lights, I'm not sure whether to get more of these, I was thinking maybe some freestanding ones rather than ones just on the house, so confused what actually matches them, I don't want a Victorian type streetlight thing.

But half of me wants something more modern, but no too modern iyswim.

Has anyone seen anything nice?

Thank you!

itsmummynotmum Mon 13-May-13 14:38:32

not freestanding, but I'm after one of these:
it's the deciding which one is the problem!
I like the nickel & stainless steel finishes.... as my look is sort of modern in a classic sort of way?!

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