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Moving to Hastings but what of the secondary schools?

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stuckcanuck Wed 08-May-13 17:26:14

It's been a very long time but we very nearly there - in process of buying a house in West St Leonards. The move was delayed due to house selling up in London issues (yawn) - so now the panic is on.

We should exchange in June but the problem is my youngest is in yr 6 and going up to secondary in Sept. Oh dear. So she has a place in a London secondary but we won't be here now.

We have to do an 'in year transfer' and the last I heard Helenswood had places. But now we are buying a house a stone's throw from St Leonards Academy. What to do?? No ofsteds for the later and the former I see rumours of academy transition which could mean all sorts of unknowns....

Anyone know about these 2 schools? Compare contrast?

I was told Robertsbridge and Rye schools were excellent but we missed the boat on those...

Cheers. So excited! smile

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