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Painting the inside of shed and floor - how?

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StarlightMcKenzie Sun 05-May-13 20:29:54

Please can you help. I need to presumably clean walls and floor with something and then paint with something.

B&Q guy just looked at me all confused and then started to talk about needing trade cleaner.

Many tia

TheNoodlesIncident Sun 05-May-13 23:30:40

What is it constructed from? My shed is brick walls with cement floor so paint was the obvious solution. I used leftover (interior) emulsion in mine, although I've put a tumble drier in there since, and realise kitchen/bathroom moisture-resistant paint would have been better. (Alternatively, perhaps Weathershield exterior paint would work in a similar fashion.)

If your shed is wood, then Cuprinol?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 05-May-13 23:37:58

Concrete, breeze blocks on the wall, and concrete on the floor!

I know nothing about paint but will look up those you mention. I guess it's hardly a disaster if I get it wrong. How do I make sure the floor is clean~? I swept and swept the walls and floor today. confused

Thanks very much for your reply.

PigletJohn Mon 06-May-13 02:13:38

Masonry paint is more durable and will stand up to damp. Indoors a cheap own-brand will do. Dilute the first one or two coats to kill the suction.

For a concrete floor International make good floor paints and also doorstep paint which is very durable.

Do the floor last.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 06-May-13 06:58:05

Thank you. What do I dilute it with?

PigletJohn Mon 06-May-13 09:38:07

It's a water-based paint so you use water. It will probably have the instructions on the tub.

This makes the first coat soak in and not go immediately dry.

PigletJohn Mon 06-May-13 18:10:20

I would get 5 litres as 2.5l might not be enough.

paint wilkinsons


the plastic paint tubs last a long time, clean the edge of the lid and the tub so they reseal tightly, protect from frost, stir very thoroughly.

Potterer Mon 06-May-13 19:46:29

We converted our garage and kept the back section as a store room so some of the walls are breeze block, parts are in brick and the floor is concrete.

I did exactly what PigletJohn said, we used just plain old emulsion, we had bought a vat of the stuff as the garage was plastered out so we needed a "mist" coat. It was just what was on offer at the time so Crown pure white emulsion.

We rollered it on the walls, I believe it was 2 coats. Then we used Leyland Heavy Duty floor paint from Screwfix and I rollered from the far end and backed myself out of the door. Again 2 coats.

I did hoover the walls before painting and the floor, and the floor again after the first coat of floor paint just to keep it as dust free as possible.

PigletJohn Tue 07-May-13 11:33:58

Floor paint is more expensive, and is (usually) thiined with white spirit, not water. Check the tin. Have good ventilation while applying or drying due to the fumes.

Wilkinsons sell the International brand, which is good quality and should last well. It is also sold in the DIY sheds. Light grey or tile red is popular. You have to clean off any grease or oil and let it dry.

To estimate how much you need, measure how much paint you use to paint one wall of your shed. If the floor is about the same size as the wall, you will need a bit more for one coat on the floor (it goes on thicker). You will need at least two coats on the floor.

Your shed will then be much less dusty, and easier to wash down. On rough surfaces like unplastered walls, a large brush will get into the irregularities better than a roller. Do the ceiling too. White emuslion will do here as it will not be subject to wear, but if you bought a big tub of masonry paint for the walls, and have plenty, you can use it up on the ceiling. You will find the shed much brighter and more pleasant.

TheNoodlesIncident Tue 07-May-13 13:34:44

I'll probably do mine again using PigletJohn's excellent advice smile I've got masonry paint to redo the outside and adjoining garden wall, so there should be enough to go over the inside too.

And yy to its being much brighter and pleasant inside, it's a job well worth doing. My garden faces north and it's amazed me how much brighter even the garden is for having rendered and painted the outside of the shed - the light reflects so well back into what was a gloomy space.

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