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tell me about your kitchen flooring?

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BrienneOfTarth Sat 04-May-13 08:49:10

The last house we had was wood-effect laminate floor in the kitchen, which looked good when we moved in but 5 years later it was in a poor state - bits of it had warped up or down creating cracks where water could seep.

The house we are in now has tiles in the kitchen which look great and seem very hard-wearing and reliable but (a) they are REALLY cold on the feet (I like going barefoot but I can't at the moment) and (b) they are so hard that whenever we drop something it smashes to smithereens, whereas in the old house we'd be lucky and get no breakage at least half the time.

My parents house has cork tiles, which seem to combine the best of these but looks kind of old-fashioned.

I'd be worried about using vinyl as it can so often look cheap and tacky and if you damage a bit the whole floor has to be replaced.

I know there are lots of other options out there - we are going to remodel the house some time soon and will need a new floor anyway as the new kitchen isn't going to be where the old one is. What have you got on your kitchen floor? Is there a kind of material available will have the slightly soft warmth underfoot of cork or vinyl but the quality and robustness of stone or tile, without being massively expensive?

Littlemissexpecting Sat 04-May-13 08:53:07

We have tiles which I love but as you said are cold and I was going through a glass Pyrex jug every week until I changed to plastic!
If we were to change ours I would go for vinyl. We have elsewhere in house. Amtico in bathroom but pricy. We have camaro in our dining room which is great and much cheaper than karndean and amtico but looks great and very hard wearing.
I'm not a fan of Lino or laminate

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