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If I didn't get 'the feeling' is it not 'the one'?

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Manoodledo Wed 01-May-13 20:41:06

Went to see a house the other day. DH came out super enthusiastic and it just didn't do very much for me. On paper it ticks an awful lot of boxes: decent space, period features, good storage, biggish garden, off-street parking (very unusual in the area), very close to a good school. It's in the area we think we want to live in, but it's probably in the least nice street, although that's possibly why we could afford it. DH is pretty keen, we know a few people who live very nearby and they love it there. In the past (this will be our fourth property) it's me who's done the choosing essentially, based on a gut feeling that this is 'the one'. DH mentioned this and that I'd always been right. I've already started to picture the property as it could be but I don't know whether to be warned off by the fact that it just doesn't excite me. I'm trying not to let the fact that I'm pregnant and will be homeless in about 7 weeks sway me too much! Do I need to have 'the feeling' for it to be 'the one'?

EeyoreIsh Wed 01-May-13 20:42:24

I didn't get the feeling with my current home, but now we've made some changes, I love it!

ethelb Wed 01-May-13 20:50:00

I think the idea that a house was 'the one' was a myth propagated by estate agents, banks and channel 4 programmes in the early noughties tbh.

Manoodledo Wed 01-May-13 20:54:06

ethelb you might be right. I did have Phil and Kirsty in my head going on about 'the wow factor' as I was walking round it. I'm just worried we'd be jumping at the first vaguely suitable property because there isn't a lot on the market where we are right now and we need somewhere to live.

Laquila Wed 01-May-13 20:56:37

IMHO there is no more "the one" house-wise than there is partner-wise. As cynical as that may sound, I think you just buy a house you really like (and you should really like it) and then you turn it into your home, whether that be by redecorating/gutting and rebuilding/adding an extension or just by dint of moving your stuff in and not making a single change!

Springforward Wed 01-May-13 21:01:20

I didn't get "the feeling" with our house, but it was good on paper IYSWIM and we'd been looking for literally years.

We've been in less than 6 months and I absolutely love it here now, even though it's a DIY nightmare I can't imagine leaving unless circumstances forced us to.

Rosesandlemons Wed 01-May-13 21:13:32

When we bought our house it was very much a head decision over heart. I preferred some other properties that we saw but they were far more risky for various reasons. I think every house is a compromise unless you are a billionaire. I think you have to make sound business decisions in this market. It's unlikely house prices will go up, so much better to go for the house that stacks up best on paper.

TheBookofRuth Wed 01-May-13 21:18:28

Yeah, I think that's bollocks, tbh. Maybe if you have an unlimited budget you can keep going till you find "the one" but most of us have to make some compromises!

I liked our house when we first looked at it, but I didn't love it. It ticked a lot of boxes though, so we went for it, and now a few months later I love it and am so glad we did.

EverybodysStressyEyed Wed 01-May-13 21:21:58

my first home was one i hated on first viewing but i fell in love with on the second viewing

give it another chance!!

Hassled Wed 01-May-13 21:24:35

I know it's completely illogical, but I do place a lot of trust in the initial feel of a house. I agree you should have another viewing, but if it feels wrong then it's probably wrong.

Manoodledo Wed 01-May-13 21:27:01

Thanks. You're all probably right. I certainly haven't ruled it out (and DH is still keen so it might be up to me to find something to top it!) I can see us maybe coming back to it. I think what's bothering me is I'm not sure about the street it's on and that might be more serious. It's on a reasonably busy road and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Also there's a slight niggle in the back of my head about why it's been on the market for about a year. In that area properties usually go much quicker. There is a slight problem with damp but we'll get that properly checked out if we decide to go any further. Wondering if that's all that's put people off. We are hoping there might be a deal to be done. That might change my mind grin.

Manoodledo Wed 01-May-13 21:28:01

We are talking about going back to see it. That would probably help.

wendybird77 Wed 01-May-13 21:40:31

We didn't love ours, but had seen everything vaguely suitable and had to be out of our rental in 8 weeks. We put in cheeky offers on two that ticked the most boxes and said we'd go with whoever bit first. I love it now (after total renovation), but would never have loved it in it's previous state.

I will say that the other one we offered on was right on a busy road (though theoretically needed less work) and I am so grateful we got this one every time I drive by the other one. If it is the location that gives you pause I would really think about that.

Mbear Wed 01-May-13 22:24:11

I only ever saw a picture of the outside of my house before buying, dh went to the viewing and said it was ok. Ticked all the boxes we needed so why not - as others have said, you turn it into a home.

LillianLardon Fri 03-May-13 13:54:27

@ Manoodledo:

If I were you I'd stop watching all that awful property propaganda. You are beginning to talk like them: "ticks an awful lot of boxes". Next you'll be talking about blank canvasses.

If your're not careful you'll end up like this:

Kirsty Allsopps scriptwriter?

SquinkiesRule Fri 03-May-13 19:32:52

I didn't like our house at all when I first viewed it.
I put it on the back burner and carried on looking. Then when we had narrowed down the needs and wants it popped back up as having everything we needed and some we wanted, I looked again and thought it was OK, the view was stunning from the back and I figured that at least would help us sell if we never settled. almost 20 years later we are selling, so it worked out. I wish I could box the house up and take it with me.

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