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Kitchen makeover companies?

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charlieandlola Thu 25-Apr-13 15:23:44

Anyone used kitchen makeover companies ? Have peeling vinyl wrap units so can't paint, the carcasses are in good condition, so don't really want to rip out, so thinking that new doors and cornices could be the answer.

ClaudiaCutie Thu 25-Apr-13 17:45:04

We did get a quote from one (sorry can't remember the name). For a small kitchen, the cheapest nastiest door fronts, and the cheapest nastiest worktops, replacing 4 knackered drawers, they wanted £5,500 for parts and labour: insane. It was far, far more than ripping the whole thing out and replacing it with a smart new ikea kitchen. I nearly had heart failure. the guy couldn't agree that it was shocking value for money and made no sense at all. I can't for the life of me work out how that company survives. In the end we decided to completely change the layout so it became a moot point anyway.

Sorry if that doesn't help much, other than to allow you to brace yourself for a stupidly high price.

Having said that, we did something similar ourselves in a previous house and it cost next to nothing as the carcasses were white and we put on new doors and handles and worktop and splashback ourselves, paying trades only when absolutely needed (ie changing taps and associated pipework welding). Doing it that way was really worth it, very cheap and a great feeling of accomplishment, very satisfying. So don't discount a bit of DIY (or a handyman that you employ direct, rather than paying the big overheads of a company).

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