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Has anyone used Simply Removals?

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Fiddlestickler Thu 25-Apr-13 13:32:29

And if so, were they any good? Or any other recommendations for moving from south to north England!

OlgaRose Thu 09-Jun-16 11:43:09

Belated reply...Simply Removals isn't one company, I think, (not sure of the business model) but each remover is probably different depending on the area. We used Simply Removals in Milton Keynes last year and they were absolutely brilliant - moved through the house like silk blown by a breeze!

LOT100 Sat 30-Jan-16 14:05:17

Hi Julia, sorry to hear about your awful experience - please see my posting 4th January 2016. Unfortunately you will probably not receive a call back from customer services. I tried to reason with this company for over a year and in the end I had no option but to take them to court. The only potential way to protect other people against this firm is to post your reviews online. This only takes a few minutes but hopefully this will help others;, removal and on google.

juliakfellows Fri 29-Jan-16 13:30:15

I used Simply removals last Friday. They were awful and basically left me in the street, in the rain with furniture and possessions that they could not fit onto the lorry because they did not send me a big enough one (their mistake not mine) and when I called them to tell them I needed another transit they said they did not have one, and that was that! I have attempted all week to complain but the customer services team just haven't rung me back when I have left a call back request on their automated service. I would never use them again!

LOT100 Mon 04-Jan-16 14:56:41

Warning - Do not touch this company with a barge pole.

The removal men spoke no English. They got a sofa stuck in the stairwell, damaged my wooden floor, cracked my wardrobe and damaged various other items including my leather sofa.
I took them to court, they didn't attend the hearings. The court found in my favour, however they did not pay the order for over £2,000. It was only a year later when I started proceedings to wind the company up that they finally paid the sum ordered by the court. A very stressful time which took nearly 2 years to resolve.

Mummazara Fri 06-Feb-15 22:42:01

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Notamum2014 Thu 20-Nov-14 20:09:14

Interesting that the person complaining about "Immagrants" (sic) being unable to speak English is unable to use the language herself! "Immagrants" (immigrants); ioter (iota); aswell (as well); your (you're); there (they're); suppose (supposed); bcus (because); blured (blurred); cant (can't)...

Sorry, moanlikeabitch, I can't really tell what your post is about because your English is so poor. I'll speak with an immigrant instead, theirs is usually so much better.

andrewnicholls Wed 19-Nov-14 17:48:07

Oh I intend to. I spoke with Trading Standards who pretty much told me the same thing as you. They have been sent a pre-court action letter and surprisingly they haven't responded. It seems they have no issue going to court. I will update to let everyone know the outcome. Its now been about 2 months. I have never dealt with a company with such terrible customer service!

Gemma2110 Fri 14-Nov-14 20:22:35

Yep take them to court. I would. They won't win. They have to either repair or replace the broken item to the value it was before it was broken. If you can't replace the tv or repair it for £200 then go to court. You'll win! Believe me.

andrewnicholls Fri 14-Nov-14 11:18:10

So I had an email from them yesterday saying that their excess is more than than what should pay out, hence they are putting it through their internal claims department. This so far has taken 7 weeks!!! Bear in my mind they are now conducting this internally and not through their insurance company, they have offered me £250 for a TV that cost £999. HOWEVER, apparently their excess is £50 so they have decided and in writing to deduct this from my offer to £200. Funny that they have admitted their insurance and public wont deal with this, so who is the excess going to?? Absolute joke. I have given them till today to sort this out otherwise Monday morning, I will be applying to the small claims court. They are a joke this company

Gemma2110 Fri 07-Nov-14 21:13:11

It is covered. But it will be covered by their public liability insurance. My friend works in insurance. So if I were you I'd Go ahead with the court case. They won't win it. They are probably just hoping you won't go through with it and go away or drop it. smile

andrewnicholls Fri 07-Nov-14 17:29:35

Simplyremovals - my opinion - DO NOT USE THEM. I used them for a move and recommended them to my father in-law. Cut a long story short, my fatherin-law used our front room to store his items for 2 weeks whilst in-between properties. Simply removals picked up his items at the beginning of October. During their removal they managed to smash the screen on my TV and break my sound system. I started making a claim for damage and they put me in touch with their insurance company. After chasing for a month they responded saying because the TV wasnt my father-in-laws their insurance wouldnt cover this. I called simplyremovals head office to discuss. I spoke with a very rude condescending individual whose response was "take us to court then". I emailed them requesting an amicable resolution. They didnt even have the courtesy to respond and seemed content to just go to court. As such, their attitude towards coming into my property, breaking a £1000 tv and seemingly no intention of fixing it or resolving the situation is absolutely disgusting. They are rude, arrogant and evidently have no interest in providing their EX CUSTOMERS with any level of service. Not even an apology. I would highly recommend NOT using them.

YayyIamamumnow Fri 11-Apr-14 16:20:38

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

customerserviceSimplyRemovals Tue 11-Mar-14 11:23:04

Hi there Mumsnet. It is Customer Care at Simply Removals here and we wanted to clear up a few points raised in this thread if possible. Firstly, we take ALL reviews of our business very seriously indeed and will always listen to our past customers in order to improve our service for our future customers. In regards to this thread, we have listened to the bad reviews, as well as the good ones, where we are pleased to see that the feedback was positive.

We can see that from some comments our customers believe that they had a truly awful experience using our service. We would like to place on record to you all reading this that we would never allow any of our clients furniture to tumble out of our vans, nor would we ever steal furniture from our customers.

If the person who has made this claim would like to email us @ then I will make sure we arrange a time to talk through your experience in an honest and fair manner. We don’t want any ex-customer this unhappy, and would like to get to the bottom of this. We have looked into our booking sheets, and can’t see when we moved you or had an experience like this, but we would like to talk with you none the less to get this situation sorted?

We as a business move 100s of homes every week. Does every move go 100% right with no delays, or slight issues on a stressful day like moving home? Of course not. However, 99% of our customers would say that we are professional, affordable and care about what we do. Hence we felt it only right to respond to this thread.

specialsubject Tue 04-Mar-14 18:24:11

aha, the Elephant Removals person again....gosh, you move a lot don't you? hmm

osmanoscar Tue 04-Mar-14 16:36:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Gingersnap88 Thu 06-Feb-14 20:03:16

We used them for our move today and they were brilliant. We ended up needing two trips and they were very friendly and helpful. I would def recommend them smile

specialsubject Thu 06-Feb-14 10:35:45

not that it matters, but in the DM report of the Cameron house move (gosh, where would we be without the internet) that is definitely a Simply Removals van and the same t-shirts as our guys were wearing.

I hope those of you who had all this trouble are compensated as this sounds outrageous.

Keils1 Thu 06-Feb-14 08:06:53

I couldn't agree more! If you want your furniture damaged and your money stolen , go ahead. But if not use a reputable firm. You get what you pay for I guess. These were not much cheaper but they three packers they sent did not speak English and when we unpacked my daughter discovered they had stolen her pocket money from her purse! When we reported this to them they weren't interested! We had broken items that we were supposedly covered for but they didn't pay up, then they had the cheek to charge us £350 "waiting time" they are complete rogues and seem to employ anyone. We had different people to
Unload our things ( we moved over two days) never never again. They should be struck off, closed down and prosecuted for illegal employment and theft!

moanlikeabitch Sat 01-Feb-14 18:12:42

Pleased you specialsubject had a better exp,

moanlikeabitch Sat 01-Feb-14 18:10:16

when you hire a removal company you don't have to hire an interpreter to tell them your unhappy do you, if there dealing with English customers they should speak and understand the language or how are you suppose to communicate. they just play dumb and pretend they don't understand think they understood my expression tho bcus the pissed off look is the same in any language.

specialsubject Sat 01-Feb-14 17:36:54

slight suspicion here when the unhappy poster stresses that the company is run by immigrants....and that matters because...?

the reviews are interesting - half very good, half very bad. Wonder if it is branch-dependent?

skislope Sat 01-Feb-14 17:26:07

Yes true hard to prove! I seem to be in thr minority who had two good experiences...

moanlikeabitch Sat 01-Feb-14 17:20:22

look at the pics on the internet tho its that blured it could be anyone no one can ring to ask him can they! cant remember ttheir name but there is another site claiming to have done the same move !!

moanlikeabitch Sat 01-Feb-14 17:17:12

Leave the they review they deserve at

skislope Sat 01-Feb-14 17:16:05

apparently David Cameron used them to move to Downing street

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