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I need a good rant

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Sadgits Thu 18-Apr-13 19:22:32

We have had our place on the market for ages, got a buyer, we just got our mortgage offer, and our buyer's buyer has just pulled out, saying the process is 'taking too long' after everyone spent time and money. I know these things happen and people have the right to do so but am so disappointed.
Not much of a rant, there are worse things in the world but it does piss you off doesn't it?

emoo777 Thu 18-Apr-13 20:16:24

Totally understand why you are annoyed. It's such a frustrating process isn't it? I try to be philosophical. My mother in law says never believe a property is yours until you have the keys. It's hard though. All I can say is maybe things will work out for the best in some unforeseen way. My parents tried to buy a house and lost it for the same reason. A year later they bought it, after 45k was spent on improving it, for the same price!

Sadgits Thu 18-Apr-13 20:29:03

I think your MIL is spot on. We did offer on a nice house and that has gone too. Oh, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. There are plenty of people on mumsnet in the world who would tell me to stop being so sulky!
Like you say, maybe things will work out and we will get a buyer and eventually move. even if it doesn't have an ensuite sad entitled git I am

emoo777 Thu 18-Apr-13 20:45:58

Well yes, but your problems are yours and they always seem big to you. You are allowed to feel sulky. I had a viewer delay their appointment on our house today, only to cancel it without notice. My daughter was ill and I had dragged her out to make it possible, and been very impatient with her whilst I tidied the house. I burst into tears in a cafe when the estate agent told me! Probably everyone around me thought someone had died but sometimes small things get on top of you. My problem was much smaller than yours. Ranting is good and much better than keeping things in! Keep it up! If a house is meant to be it will be xx

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