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Moving - when to contact utilities etc

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FedupofTurkey Tue 16-Apr-13 03:21:08

I haven 't a date yet, but it will be 4-6 weeks. When do I cancel phone , i presume its a months notice, inform others of change of address. I'm moving into temporary accommodation for a few months, so is it worth notifying everyone?

specialsubject Tue 16-Apr-13 10:08:14

you need to set up a redirect from old address to new for three months which is enough time to change addresses, and then do it again. Every notification to a bank, building society etc will trigger two letters, one to new address and one to old.

as for utilities - start the process as soon as you have a definite date.

please do the redirect, it's not fair on the next occupants otherwise and reduces the risk of ID theft. Oh, and changing address on driving licence is a legal requirement (it's free and you can do it online)

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