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Bouncy laminate floor - have I got a leak or is damp?

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Winceywoo Sun 14-Apr-13 17:06:44

Hi there - first time I've posted but hoping to get some advice...the laminate floor in our downstairs loo is 'bouncy' and I am worried that we may have a leaking water pipe underneath the concrete. There is no visible water on the loo floor and everything is working fine, but the outside wall is showing signs of damp/water damage ie mortar is wet and crumbly below the damp proof course. We have checked the drains and they seem to be flowing as nomal, also there is no nasty smell (as far as I can tell). I have contacted our insurers and sadly we are not covered for 'trace and access' so will have to pay for investigation costs. Before I stump up a few hundred quid on this does anyone have any experience of this problem or can recommend the best route to sort out the problem. Thank you.

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