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should we tile first then put kitchen on top or vice versa?

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dimsum123 Sun 14-Apr-13 14:45:57

Keep being told different things. Kitchen is going in a brand new extension. Tiler says tile whole of floor first then lay kitchen on top. Kitchen fitter says do kitchen first then tile around with plinths on top of tiles to give a neat finish.

Both methods make sense to me. What should we do? We're having underfloor heating too if that makes any difference (although it won't be going under the kitchen units).

annalouiseh Sun 14-Apr-13 15:04:06

we have underfloor also and tiled back to the wall, less chance of heat escaping rather than a concrete floor.

dimsum123 Sun 14-Apr-13 15:10:58

Thanks so you tiled whole floor first. Not sure about heat escaping as ufh will not be under the kitchen units just around them.

WithASpider Sun 14-Apr-13 15:13:21

DH used to fit kitchens.

When he did ours he tiled first then fit the kitchen on top glosses over the fact that i'm still waiting for it to be finished 5 years later

annalouiseh Sun 14-Apr-13 15:19:38

ours is the same, no heating under the units
but it adds extra insulation to the room.
If you can afford the extra £'s for the extra sq mtrs

QuintessentialOHara Sun 14-Apr-13 15:23:19

What happens if you remove your units because you want to replace?

I think you should tile the entire floor, and then put the units on top.

dimsum123 Sun 14-Apr-13 15:35:57

Thanks for all replies. Ok consensus seems to be to tile across whole floor first so thats what I will do. Makes sense for the fridge etc to be on top of tiles so easier to pull out if needs be.

ILikeBirds Sun 14-Apr-13 16:44:09

In the house we rented before we bought they'd fitted the kitchen then tiled which meant that when the dishwasher broke down it was impossible to remove without removing the worktop.

dimsum123 Sun 14-Apr-13 17:54:03

Ilikebirds, thanks, another very good reason for tiling first. Great, decision made!

BlackandGold Sun 14-Apr-13 17:55:51

Yes, we tiled complete floor first. Who knows if you'll want to move something around in the future - at least the floor's all done.

PogoBob Sun 14-Apr-13 17:59:20

Tile first, MIL's kitchen was tiled after having the units fitted and she just had a nightmare getting the integrated washing machine replaced due to the difference in floor leve.

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