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House alterations - what would you do?

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Whycantidecide Fri 12-Apr-13 13:31:42

We live in a house on a corner plot with a bit of an odd layout downstairs with various cupboards and a loo. The kitchen and separate dining room are in north side of house, with the stairs leading up from the dining room. The lounge (which we redecorated last year) has patio doors and overlooks a south facing garden. Whatever happens we need to install a new kitchen but should we knock down the wall between kitchen and dining room OR swap the lounge and kitchen over? We?ve had some plans drawn up for a kitchen overlooking the garden but I?m worried that it will not give enough units and worktop because there is so little wall space due to patio doors and the addition of a utility room. I?m terrified of ripping the house apart and then thinking that we are worse off.
As the stairs currently lead up from dining room an architect suggested turning them round which would give us a lovely hallway although we would lose some space from our (large) bedroom. Instead of turning the stairs round we could have an en-suite in our bedroom (which also desperately needs an overhaul). Obviously we need to pay for a kitchen either way but the cost of the internal works would be £££. DH says I should decide as I spend far more time at home than him but I am floundering. Should we take the easy, cheaper route and just knock down kitchen wall and leave downstairs layout as it is and have an en-suite or go with the huge alterations and cost? We?ve had all the plans drawn up and a builder sorted out but am having cold feet. Please help me wise MN!

architectming Fri 12-Apr-13 13:49:12

Why don't you talk these through with your architect? He is employed to help you to resolve all these issues.

It is quite difficult to say what you should / shouldn't do without a plan. If there is one thing I can suggest, is that you don't ask the builder to start before you make you mind up, it will cost you a lot more to change things in the middle of the build.

Good Luck.

fussychica Fri 12-Apr-13 13:50:08

Hard to say without seeing it as there is a lot to consider.

As a first thought though could you take out the patio door and replace with a single door and window allowing you more cupboard/worktop space?

A south facing kitchen can be very hot in summer. Think about how you want to use your rooms. Is it noisier at the front or back? Is the outlook at the front nice if you swap your lounge over. Think about things like this first that may make it easier to move forward with the whole thing.

FWIW I would rather have an en suite than a lovely hall.

Whycantidecide Sat 13-Apr-13 13:12:04

Thanks for your replies. You're right of course - I do need to speak to the architect! Fussychica your comment about the en suite made me research a bit on here and I think that probably would be a better bet, especially if we sell in future. Feel a bit calmer now thanks!

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