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The decluttering, cleaning, vacating, pandering, nailbiting antics of the stressed out house sellers continued...

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CuddyMum Thu 11-Apr-13 16:47:11

Thought I'd better start a new thread... smile

oopnorthmum Fri 14-Jun-13 09:22:15

No haven't had a report. Will ask for that. We are on a nice small estate of simar properties, in a cul de sac. We've been here since new but others seem to have sold ok. Thanks

ghosteditor Fri 14-Jun-13 09:30:01

You should have a look at other 4 bed/ ~£280k ish houses within a couple of miles. If there are loads it could explain the lack of interest, maybe. And what are their photos.descriptions/floorplans/gardens like?

Turnipinatutu Fri 14-Jun-13 10:02:58

Photos do look quite dark and 13, 14, 15 are a bit pointless!
Being picky I think the angles could have been better, but the house look spacious and clutter free.

Ghost - The vendors are an older couple who've lived there for 23 years, they're moving a few miles away to a bigger village to be closer to family.
The house has been for sale since February and was originally up for 700k!
The EA said there was a bit of competitive pricing by EA trying to get the business.
The price was reduced in April and again at the beginning of June and is now up for 645k.
It's an individual house in a small village, where houses don't often come up, so difficult to make direct comparisons. The area can be quite sought after too.

I've found a few sold prices in the next village which is comparable and they appear to be around 550k to 575k.
This house needs a fair bit of work around 50-60k at a guess, so we would be prepared to pay 500k. Any more and the added stamp duty, would mean we wouldn't be able to get the work done and would be worried about having overpaid.

I suppose if they've been led to believe the house is worth 700k, then 500k is a bit of a hit!

Wondering is I should email links to the comparisons I found to the EA, so he can see I'm not trying to pull a fast one. Or wait and see if its still on the market in a few weeks time.
He said the viewing rate was good, now the price had come down again, but he would wouldn't he!

Turnipinatutu Fri 14-Jun-13 10:03:43

Sorry, that was a bit of an essay wasn't it! blush

ghosteditor Fri 14-Jun-13 10:11:28

Interesting though grin

FedupofTurkey Fri 14-Jun-13 20:37:41

Aargh all set to exchange on Mon then hear my sellers haven't sent their signed contract yet - talk about stress! We're due to complete on Fri

FedupofTurkey Fri 14-Jun-13 20:37:41

Aargh all set to exchange on Mon then hear my sellers haven't sent their signed contract yet - talk about stress! We're due to complete on Fri

doglover Fri 14-Jun-13 20:56:08

Our buyers are FINALLY having their survey (Homebuyers) on Wednesday. Should I blitz the house for his visit or will a normal clean-through suffice?

FedupofTurkey Fri 14-Jun-13 22:06:17

Dog - normal clean and tidy smile

Jaynebxl Sat 15-Jun-13 07:37:44

OOpnorth your house looks great, I'd buy it! Sme of the photos are a bit bizarre though. How come EAs don't do a little training in the art of taking good house pics? I mean who needs a direct pic of a loo?!

doglover Sat 15-Jun-13 13:19:27

Thanks, FUOT! smile

TerrysNo2 Mon 17-Jun-13 10:24:10

morning everyone! I hope you had a good weekend.

We had more viewings at the weekend and one couple seemed very keen but I've gotten my hopes up from other viewers recently so i'm learning that even if people come to your house and say they love it that they are probably only saying it to be nice!

ghosteditor Mon 17-Jun-13 11:31:20

Terry's I hope you get a good result from the viewings! We had a viewing on Saturday but no feedback yet. I'm not really hopeful anymore! We're still waiting on the council to give planning feedback to one potential buyer who has been waiting on news of whether he could extend. I'm not hopeful about the prospects so trying not to count that as an offer.

Far more worrying for us is the massive mortgage debacle. DH's employer sent a replacement employer's reference (after screwing up and sending info for the wrong person before). They have managed to use his details this time but have WRITTEN THE WRONG BLOODY SALARY AGAIN! So our mortgage has now been declined TWICE because Nationwide deem it appropriate to ignore the 3 months of payslips we have provided and just go on a handwritten faxed form which we haven't seen. It's a technicality to do with how his salary is calculated. Basically, he gets basic pay plus flying pay and has every month since he joined the military ten years ago. He will get it until he leaves. But because it is written as two lines on his pay slip, no one seems to be able to figure out that it is equal to what they understand as 'basic pay'. DH is fuming and gutted at the same time. I don't know what to think! I really hope we don't lose the house because of some stupid administration...

oopnorthmum Mon 17-Jun-13 12:01:39

Hi, thanks Jayne. I agree with silly pics of toilets and beds! We are reasonably priced with others locally of same size. But many of the houses close by are 3 bed semis for around £150k so pretty big jump I think. So probably not helping. We are awaiting rightmove stats today from EA. fingers crossed for something soon

enjoyingscience Mon 17-Jun-13 14:45:41

Right, all estate agents have visited. One valued pretty low, one way up in the sky and the other one somewhere in between.

I think we're going to try and negotiate a reduced contract with the one in the middle - they want 16 weeks so I have suggested 10. I don't want it sitting on their books gathering dust and ending up reducing the price.

Feel so unsure about it all. I really liked the one valued too high, but she was so far off the mark I suspect that they don't have much of this type of housing nasty ones in stock, and wouldn't be best placed to sell it.

So worried we're doing the wrong thing already and we've hardly bloody started! I doubt it will go as quickly as jaynebxl- well done you!

enjoyingscience Mon 17-Jun-13 14:46:26

Oops - that was on page one. Losing track of myself.

Doesn't bode well confused

Turnipinatutu Mon 17-Jun-13 14:55:16

Oh Ghost! I can't believe they've messed up again!
That must be so stressful.

We've had our EA's on the phone saying that our buyers have been on at them as well as their EA, asking if we've made any progress.....erm no....there's still nothing to view and its only been a week since we accepted their offer!
As well as continuing to look for houses, we're waiting for the overpriced house we like to come down in price again, but that could be several weeks as their last reduction was only beginning of June.

I'd like nothing more than to get the whole process moving, but can't ATM.
If they're piling on the pressure this soon, the next few weeks could be stressful!

shallweshop Mon 17-Jun-13 15:19:07

Can I join you please? Our house went on the market a week ago and so far we've had 4 viewings but no offer. We haven't found anywhere definite yet but we have seen a couple that we are mulling over.

I am already getting stressed about not being able to sell. Our house is quite nice inside and the garden is lovely but not that big, and I am worried it will put people off (obviously it didn't put us off when we bought but that was before we had kids).

On the plus side, the house has never been so tidy!

underthemountain Mon 17-Jun-13 16:06:04

We are about to be for sale after an aborted attempt last year. Not looking forward to all the tidying and all the worry about not selling. I am also a very very bad salesperson-does not bode well!

TerrysNo2 Mon 17-Jun-13 17:20:25

agh, we've had an offer but it's too low to accept, have asked them for best abs final and although they said that was their max they are going to think about it overnight and let us know. Don't they know they are ruining my sleep?!? grin

wonkylegs Mon 17-Jun-13 17:31:00

We saw the house we are buying again this weekend. Our DS hadn't been before as I didn't want to get him too excited until I was reasonably sure it was going ahead.
It was good and it confirmed that everybody in our short chain is invested in making it go ahead on time & without problems. grin fingers are still firmly crossed until I get the keys though.
Everyone thinks I'm mad for doing our packing rather than leave it to the removal firm. I've thought it through though and it's makes sense for us to do it.
We are having lots of work done when we move in so I won't be unpacking everything until I need it. The house is very different layout too. So I want to be logical about what goes in what box and throw out as much junk as I can as I go along.
The house looks like a box warehouse but I'm getting there. I do a box or so a day when I'm not working.
Really just want to get into the new house and get on with decorating / works etc waiting to the end of term seems like forever and leaves more potential for things to go wrong. [worried]
Good luck to those selling right now.

TerrysNo2 Mon 17-Jun-13 17:39:30

ghost I would also be fuming! I hope they get it sorted for you!

welcome to the madness science, shallweshop and mountain. I wish you the best of luck in getting through this process with your sanity intact grin

rubyrubyruby Mon 17-Jun-13 17:49:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ghosteditor Mon 17-Jun-13 19:12:37

Thanks guys and welcome to the newbs, good luck to you all!

We will be packing ourselves. We've started decluttering, but not packing anything unless the mortgage goes through!

shallweshop Mon 17-Jun-13 21:31:44

Can anyone help me make at least one decision about our move? We live on the edge of the New Forest and we have seen one property which is right in the forest about 10 mins drive away from school/town. Some of my friends think that, as the kids get older (currently 6 & 8) that is going to be an issue because I will have to taxi them around everywhere.

I have found out that they will actually be eligible for a taxi to and from secondary school if we wanted to but at the moment I feel like it won't be a problem for me to still do the school run and if they wanted to walk with their friends, I would be happy to drop them at a certain point to join up with them. Bearing in mind of course that I will still have DS to ferry around even when DD has reached a more independent age.

I would love to hear from anyone who does live a bit out in the sticks and how much of an issue it is/isn't. Is it better for kids growing up and their independence to be closer to school and all the amenities?

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