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How much can we redo our ensuite for?

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DewDr0p Thu 11-Apr-13 12:21:54

It's getting a bit desperate grin

Happy to go for cheap ish simple sanitary ware and not move stuff around too much. It's quite spacious as ensuites go so standard sized stuff should fit: shower, sink, loo. Dh would quite like to put in a bath with shower over (there is room for this) but we could just have shower if a bath would be a lot more.

Could possibly strip floorboards too - we have nice boards throughout the house - or would that be a really bad idea?

Walls currently mainly tiled to ceiling, would prefer less tiles and more walls ideally. We'll need to get tradesmen in, we're fine at decorating but don't have skills or time for the major work!

Any thoughts on ballpark costs?

nemno Thu 11-Apr-13 12:42:14

We're doing a bathroom starting next week. I reckon it could be done for £2.5-3K but for us it has easily become £5ish!

EasterHoliday Thu 11-Apr-13 12:48:59

there's a good sale on at the bathstore at the moment if you want a nice suite but there will be cheaper ones at B&Q if you're less bothered about design.
We got a company in last week to look at doing 2 tiny ensuites & a bathroom. Came to what I thought was £12k for the lot, until I went through it in detail and the shysters had managed to make EACH ONE (regardless of size) come to £12k! needless to say, I don't have his phone number any more.
Flooring - you need it to be sealed and waterproof and if it's small, same tiles on floor and wall will make it bigger & underfloor heating isn't expensive but lvoely in a bathroom.
Spend your budget on the things that move (glass shower screens / taps) and not the sink / tiles is my view

ovechkin Thu 11-Apr-13 12:51:49

We did our main bathroom a few months back on a very tight budget with bath and new separate shower. I ordered all the suite from different places online (good stuff) and got taps and shower head from a good place on ebay. Tiles we got from a local discount warehouse place. We paid a local one man band plumber to strip and plaster and do new pipe work and all labour and he charged £1k (about 3/4 days work in total). Total on suite, shower cubicle and tiles and adhesive etc was c£600. We painted ourselves. So about £1.6k all in - we're in the south east.

DewDr0p Sun 14-Apr-13 11:14:14

nemno have a feeling I would be like that too! Usually seems to be the way it goes. I start out with the best of intentions but I do seem to have expensive taste grin

easter we had that experience with a local bathroom showroom a few years back.

ovechkin I am v impressed with your bargain hunting. £600 for all that lot is amazing.

Thanks for all your thoughts (and sorry for late reply - I thought I had already replied to this) Sounds like we could do it for £3k then? Will start looking into it and get some quotes I think.

Where do you go to get underfloor heating? Do I ask the pumber or source it myself?

Alwayscheerful Sun 14-Apr-13 11:21:41

We have just replaced an ensuite, the materials were £1500 in total, including floor to to ceiling tiles and a new tiled floor, the tiles were from Porcelanosa, bargains in the sale, and a the shower cubicle was an ex display matki, so top of the range but we like bargains. A plumber /tiler charged us £1500'to do the all the work. If we had used a separate tiler & plumber the standard would have been slightly higher however, suspect the labour cost would have been £2,000- £2,500.

Rosesandlemons Sun 14-Apr-13 23:29:50

Hijacking this thread. Has anyone got experience of the cost of doing a tiny ensuite. Literally a shower/wet room with toilet and basin. We would want new tiles too.

Thanks in advance

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