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Need to plan kitchen for house not built yet - help!

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ATouchOfStuffing Thu 11-Apr-13 12:13:36

I really wanted a JL kitchen but have become exasperated with them today. I don't live in a town with JL. Nearest one with a kitchen centre is Bluewater. Called through to Bluewater suggested I call Oxford St (!) for an appointment as they can't plan my kitchen unless the house is built. I call O. St and am told I would have to go in store for an appointment as they don't have the facilities to send me a plan on line! Honestly? I have to go with my 20mo and sit for god knows how long waiting for someone to plan out a kitchen on a system that they could do without me there and could simply email me? I won't be able to concentrate with her there and just know it will be a disaster. I know what I want in/from my kitchen I just don't know sizes and options for larders/cabinets. I really don't want to have to trek to London (£65 rtn by train) for a day just to spend £20k in their store.

Anyone have any suggestions of a company similar who I can email the room plan to and could email me a kitchen plan in return? I really want to figure out where the cooker/sink go BEFORE building so I don't have to re-route them.

Thanks very much in advance. Off to make a cup of tea and calm down for a bit!

JustJes Thu 11-Apr-13 14:59:22

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toastedteacake Thu 11-Apr-13 15:38:24

We are doing a refurb with walls being removed/ repositioned and have used a small company called Cheverell Wood.
We gave them a list of our requirements and a scaled plan of the proposed space and they produced a drawing/ plan from that. They will build any size unit you want; so no need to worry about standard sizes and voids. Our budget was about the same as yours, and includes top end built-in appliances and marble worktops. The people are very helpful and friendly too.

We looked at JL too but found they weren't that flexible and couldn't make non- standard units.

On the other hand Cheverell Wood will make any style you like, in any colour, in any size, and fit it.

I know I sound like I work for their sales dept I don't , but we have been genuinely impressed by them.

ATouchOfStuffing Thu 11-Apr-13 21:17:21

Toasted that sounds perfect! I also wanted marble tops and cabinets up to the ceiling. Plus I have a walk in pantry at the moment and am finding it hard to picture myself using pull out mesh racks hmm.
I shall google them forthwith. Thanks!

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