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How much to install an over-bath shower?

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ecuse Tue 09-Apr-13 14:42:31

We're moving in a few weeks to a property with a bath but no shower. What are my options for getting one installed? I am totally clueless.

Can I just get a new tap set that incorporates a shower or do I need pumps and gizmos? Is it better to install a separate power shower? Are there any major potential showstoppers I need to consider? .

And how much might it cost? Nothing fancy, just a shower with decent pressure. We'll probably refurbish the bathroom entirely at some point, but there's no way I can live without a shower until then!

The hot water runs on a combination boiler (no additional water tanks anywhere). But we do know that the boiler is 'on its last legs' so we will be looking to replace it sooner rather than later. Is a new boiler and a shower something I need to do together or are they separate issues?

Sorry to be such a newbie - any advice welcomed. I don't even know what I need to google for!

NoraFatimaBuffet Tue 09-Apr-13 16:03:25

Hi - fwiw, my last house and the current one both have showers that run from the bath taps, and both showers were nice and powerful thanks to decent water pressure, no extra pump needed. Both fed from a combi boiler too. You could get the 2 way tap/shower hose/shower head/wall fitment from Ebay (there used to be a Bristan outlet shop on there), then get a plumber to fit which shouldn't cost too much. If it doesn't work out, then get a more elaborate shower fitted when you have the boiler replaced. Good luck with your move!

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