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Epsom and Ewell Primary schools and nurseries

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Lalaloot Mon 08-Apr-13 19:14:00

I have read threads on this topic but thought I better start a new thread because I wasn't sure which thread to comment on.

We're moving to the area in 2 months, largely because we'll have help from my in laws who are in Ewell. We have a daughter turning 3 in July and a baby 6 months old so we're enrolling our daughter into a school for sept 2014.

I haven't found any comments about Ewell Grove school, can anyone comment on that school at all? The ofsted report is good and it's a pretty looking school but that's all I can tell about it.

We are really interested in a house that is 0.5 miles from Ewell Grove school and 0.8 miles from Nonsuch primary. It's also 0.5 miles from a catholic school but we are not catholic. Even though Nonsuch primary is one of the three closest, I'm guessing we wouldn't stand a chance of getting into that one, am I probably right? I'm trying to find nurseries near primary schools but the majority do not have space for my daughter. If we bought this house we're looking at I would rather put my daughter in Nonsuch primary because there's a nice looking nursery with spaces nearby.

I would really appreciate any advice as I'm getting in a bit of a panic about it all! I just don't see how I can work nursery, primary school and commuting to work in time!

I have noticed that Stamford Green has a breakfast club. Does anyone know if any of the other desirable schools offer that?

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