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House not selling - WWYD

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Guendaline Mon 08-Apr-13 13:12:51

I could do with a bit of advice please.
Our house has been on the market with an online agent for over two months and we've only had one viewing. The feedback from the viewing we had was positive but nothing happened. The house is very well presented and I think we made the most of what it is. The only possible explanation is the price and the fact it's on with an online agent.
So, we are trying to decide what to do. I would like to take it off the market, wait 6 months and then list it with a local agent at a lower price (around 5% less than the current price, which was the top valuation). DH thinks we should leave it as it is but I'm worried that it won't sell at all if it's on for too long. He says we could drop the price now but wouldn't that look worse - and attract even lower offers - than my strategy of taking it off the market for 6 months.

lalalonglegs Mon 08-Apr-13 13:22:25

Does the online agent allow your property to be listed with rightmove? I think most people start their searches there so if it's listed, then you are going to struggle to get viewings. If it is listed, then have a look at the photos and be very honest with yourself about the asking price which are the two things that could be putting people off at this stage.

karron Mon 08-Apr-13 13:36:37

I think you should drop the price now as you're not even getting viewings at the moment. It can attract people in, we dropped ours and got a lot more viewings and got what we expected. If no one is viewing it's normally the price putting them of. If you get offers that are to low you don't have to except them.

I agree with your DH I don't see the point in waiting. We've been watching the area where we are now buying for about 12 months to get an idea prices and notice the houses that come back in. We can even compare the price on rightmove as we have them saved from when they originally went on. Also seeing a price drop on a house you are interested cam cause you to rush to view as you don't want someone else to buy it.

fussychica Mon 08-Apr-13 15:11:17

Depending on your area/type of property it might be worth putting it on with a local agent prior to dropping the price - assuming that a local agent agrees with the online company valuation. If you live in a touristy/busy place lots of people nose in estate agent windows when they visit rather than looking online. I have friends who never use a computer - yes reallygrin

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