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Going round in circles

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noddyholder Sat 06-Apr-13 17:41:21

I am in the middle of a refurb atm V large victorian maisonette. Huge rooms big terrace with sea view set over 3 floors. It has 2 big bedrooms on top floor the master is huge. The bathroom is on a different floor and is not as impressive as rest of flat but is ok. It will prob sell to a london couple as is v near station for commute and chi chi shops and bars. I cannot fit a full bathroom as ensuite into master because of lay out and fireplaces etc so my choices are:
1: Main bathroom big luxury shower only plus freestanding bath by fire in master
2:Shower over bath on main bathroom and small ensuite in master with sink and loo only
3:Proper ensuite in bedroom but having shower loo and sink means bed has to go under window
I have changed my mind so many times I am just looking for ideas!Which would you prefer TIA smile

HormonalHousewife Sat 06-Apr-13 18:19:20

Hmm...well I will start....

3 2 1. I think...

I don't like baths (especially those free standing roll top things) and would prefer jumping straight out of bed straight into a shower.
Would target market have kids ? 'cos then a bath is essential.

Does 3 compromise the views though ?


wonkylegs Sat 06-Apr-13 18:31:39

We have a small but very neatly laid out family bathroom with a generous corner freestanding shower, bath, sink & wc. Then an en-suite with regular shower cubicle, wc& sink.
Noooooo to freestanding roll top claw feet baths in corner master bed. Seen a few of these and they will be ripped out immediately; pretty in a hotel you're staying 1 night in, majorly impractical in real life situation.
If it's a family living arrangement (widest section) it's a necessity to have 1 bath & 1 separate shower in some arrangement.
Simple often works best. Nice fittings, tiles and lights can then make it shine.

noddyholder Sat 06-Apr-13 21:35:50

Still doing drawings! Target market definitely no kids. This is a definite have done quite a few family houses over the years and this is different. The bath wouldn't be in a corner but in front of a big fire in a dressing area with large wardrobes etc. There is a possibility of taking a wall down in bathroom and making it bigger which would work well. Then I could put a loo and sink in en suite No room for a shower there because of pipes plus I moved a wall already to make a big landing/study which is an essential for this type of development. Quite likely the buyers would be wanting to rent out the 2nd bedroom so do need to get this right! Thanks for your comments

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