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Can you dismantle a range cooker?

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PogoBob Tue 02-Apr-13 14:16:02

When we bought our house it came with a dual fuel range cooker which is now dying and we plan to replace it with a normal cooker and refit that wall of units.

The kitchen window at the front of the house use to be a door and was turned into a window when the kitchen was installed by the previous owners 10 years ago - I am pretty certain that they bought the range and then bricked up the doorway as there is no way this range is going out the front door due to 2 narrow 90 degree turns.

We have no back access to the house so the only way I can see this range leaving the house is in pieces. Anyone able to advise on the practicality of doing this?

We will be getting a corgi guy in to disconnect it and cap the gas supply as getting an electric cooker to replace it.

Sorry if I don't reply quickly, internet access is a little unreliable at the moment.

PigletJohn Tue 02-Apr-13 15:47:04

I'm sure you can

Traditional old cast-iron ones are made of various parts bolted together. Many of the modern ones are made of two single cookers attached with a wide top to make them look like one.

The old cooker will be scrap afterwards, unless it is one, such as an Aga, that someone can make a profit out of respraying and rebuilding.

If need be it can be cut up with an angle-grinder. It will be noisy and dusty.

PogoBob Tue 02-Apr-13 16:37:23

Thanks PigletJohn, it's a stainless steel Belling job, nothing worth rebuilding.

Will look forward to attacking it once it's disconnected!

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