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Farrow & Ball wallpaper

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glorious Wed 03-Apr-13 19:25:25

glad to be of service wink

AlwaysReadyForABlether Wed 03-Apr-13 17:59:55

You lot are such a bad influence grin

Viviennemary Wed 03-Apr-13 15:49:53

You should just go for it if you like it. I love Farrow & Ball. DH says it's a waste of money and no better than any other. Lucky you not having to persuade anybody else. Absolutely have it!

glorious Wed 03-Apr-13 15:42:42

perhaps think of it on a per day basis for all the days you will wake up and look at it?! We did two (small) walls because the minimum order is 3 rolls so might be worth measuring up and seeing what would work.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Wed 03-Apr-13 13:53:26

That Ocelot paper is amazing!

AlwaysReadyForABlether Wed 03-Apr-13 13:48:59

Oh it would definitely only be one wall!

glorious Wed 03-Apr-13 12:20:32

p.s. we have a very ordinary 3 bed terrace smile

glorious Wed 03-Apr-13 12:20:02

Yes it would be ridiculous but that doesn't mean you shouldn't grin Could you just do one wall?

kitsmummy Wed 03-Apr-13 11:27:59

Well you could always use a cheaper wallpaper and end up with a bedroom that's fairly nice, although not really what you want grin.

I LOVE the Ocelot paper that they do

AlwaysReadyForABlether Wed 03-Apr-13 10:51:56

Oh no - the samples arrived and I love them! I wasn't even planning to decorate my bedroom but it's on the cards now. I just have a very ordinary 3 bed semi - please tell me it would be ridiculous to our up such expensive wallpaper.

glorious Mon 01-Apr-13 20:59:07

Lovely. We have Crivelli Trellis, not sure they have the colour atm (it's pigeon). The metallic-ish trellis catches the light really nicely and I imagine the same will apply to the one you're looking at. Let us know what you think.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Mon 01-Apr-13 20:47:17

It's called Rosslyn - have ordered samples of 1908 and 1911. Think they both look lovely.

glorious Mon 01-Apr-13 20:34:38

It was only myself I was persuading too smile Which one are you looking at?

AlwaysReadyForABlether Mon 01-Apr-13 14:14:34

I should have put this in AIBU and worded it so everyone put me off!

noddyholder Mon 01-Apr-13 13:41:00

Its lovely

AlwaysReadyForABlether Mon 01-Apr-13 13:39:50

I have ordered some samples. I fear this may be a slippery slope.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Mon 01-Apr-13 13:28:55

glorious I don't have to persuade anyone except myself. Not sure if that helps me or not!

glorious Mon 01-Apr-13 12:31:22

Sorry but it is lovely! Can you argue it's good to buy something made in Dorset? That's what I did smile

fresh Mon 01-Apr-13 12:28:43

Personal view, but no it's not tat. You can order a free sample and check it out for yourself.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Mon 01-Apr-13 12:01:17

Please please tell me it is rubbish. I have seen some I love but it is so expensive. It's just overpriced tat - right??

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