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Annie sloan paint to cover brown varnished wood & beams?

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sleepdodger Sat 30-Mar-13 01:27:51

Anyone used it?
It promises no need for primer and surface prep holy grail but is expensive so before I get carried away buying it in gallons for my brown wood dominated home wondered if anyone had used it!

sleepdodger Sat 30-Mar-13 09:42:16


Buffty Sat 30-Mar-13 10:03:34

I've used it on our kitchen cupboards and I think it depends on the effect you want. It is very easy to slop on and you don't need to sand or prime anything but do make sure you clean everything thoroughly first. You will also need to wax it afterwards. The wax is harmful and the fumes stink so you need to make sure that the area is really well ventilated when using it. Once dry it doesn't smell though. If you don't wax it the paint chips very easily.

Because we will replace the kitchen eventually but I wanted to lighten the place up I didn't mind experimenting with it. However I think you've got to love that shabby chic look as once painted you can still see the brush marks and it gives a matt, chalky finish. I ended up applying 3 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted.

You can buy tester pots and I would reccomend buying one and trying it first before committing. The paint comes off very easily if you haven't waxed it.

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