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I have to give this tenant notice, don't I?

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CheddarGorgeous Fri 15-Mar-13 13:07:23

Nice girl, student working part time in a pub. Rents a room in a shared house we own.

Been late with rent 3 - 4 times (out of 7), much better recently.

A bit flaky and definitely messy / untidy. But that's not hugely my concern except when the cleaner (which I pay for) can't clean the kitchen because it's covered in last night's dishes.

She has a dog - which she only told us about a week before she was due to move in. A bit underhand but I met the dog, it was fine. Neighbour (who works nights) has complained that the dog barks when left alone in the day which stops her sleeping. So she leaves the TV on for the dog to reduce this.

Text last night from her - some maintenance issues - could we sort. DH went round this morning and found:

- Dog poo on the front door mat (inside the house)
- Dog wee stains on the hall carpet
- Bagged dog poo in the garden by the back door - maybe about 15 days worth, stinking to high heaven.

She's past her first six months so I think I want to give her a month's notice because in my mind this is a major health hazard and will affect my ability to successfully attract tenants to the other rooms. No one wants to live with a pile of dog poo in the garden.

Am I being too harsh? Thanks.

fatnfrumpy Wed 20-Mar-13 13:31:20

Glad you had an uncomplicated result!

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