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Freestanding bath and standpipe taps best for £££

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wendybird77 Fri 15-Mar-13 19:50:23

I am very happy with the bath. I primed and painted it in F&B Print Room Yellow. It is lovely. No, you can't drill a hole for the tap. The bath is in two pieces - one inside and one out - it wouldn't work. We have wall mounted taps in a wood paneled wall. It is really nice - I've had nooks with slate shelves put in the wall for shampoo, etc. I'll try to figure out how to put pics on my profile.

My kids love the bath, but i don't recommend a pop-up waste with kids. I'm forever having to put more water in as one of them has popped the thing open splashing around.

wonkylegs Fri 15-Mar-13 19:31:50

Freestanding baths seem to have been recommended by all the EAs round here but personally hate them (especially with kids) . My personal feeling as a buyer is that think they are an expensive thing to be thinking of ripping out but bloody everywhere has them (and still isn't selling). It's not a wow factor if everybody's got one!

A wow factor bathroom in a development is different to a wow factor bathroom for a person.... It should be neutral with easily replaceable stand out items. Good lights, decent shower & solid fittings are a must. The nicest one I've seen had a massive wall sized mirror which made the bathroom light, bright and feel twice the size.

herhonesty Fri 15-Mar-13 18:09:15

If you don't want opinions, don't post on mumsnet!

fatnfrumpy Thu 14-Mar-13 21:35:13

Thank you Wendy!
How pleased are you with your plumbworld bath?
TBH I really like the stlye and price and have not found any style comparable yet.
Do you have a standpipe tap off the floor? They are so expensive I was hoping our plumber could dril a hole in the roll top and site tap on there. Is that possible?

wendybird77 Thu 14-Mar-13 20:29:50

Have you checked Wickes, screwfix, etc for baths? If you are looking for acrylic they may have some at decent prices. Check ebay as well, suppliers often sell their ex-demos there for very good prices. Vanity unit, that sounds like a decent price to me if that includes the tap too. Tiles -,, ebay. I bought mine off e-bay for quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else.

I bought my freestanding bath from plumbworld for £360 or so. It was the least expensive I could find for the style I wanted.

I know you aren't looking for opinions, but brown tiles would put me off, particularly if they were that far up the wall. Maybe consider saving yourself some money and only tiling the floor? If your potential buyers don't like your choice (whatever it is) it is far easier to re-tile a floor than rip off and re-plaster the walls as well.

fatnfrumpy Wed 13-Mar-13 23:37:58

The main point the EA made was to bring the wow factor into the bathroom but also make room for a shower room and toilet upstairs.
There is not enough room upstairs for a bath.

fatnfrumpy Wed 13-Mar-13 23:36:35

herhonesty, thank you for your post, unfortunatly you missed my point.
I was asking for any recommendations for suppliers of freestanding contempory baths not your opinion on whether you thought our bathroom plans were gimmicky!
FYI in this area freestanding baths are very popular and we took several EA advice about how to renovate the property for maximum profit.

herhonesty Wed 13-Mar-13 21:18:05

Sounds a bit ott! Don't think it will get you past less than ideal scenario of downstairs bathroom - focus on quality fittings rather than gimmicky stuff.

fatnfrumpy Wed 13-Mar-13 19:27:06

Renovating to sell.
Downstairs bathroom which we are knocking toilet/bathroom into one to make one large luxury room.
Upstairs will have small clockroom set and shower cubicle.
As the bathroom is downstairs off the kitchen and is not ideal we hope to make this bathroom a wow factor so viewers see through the fact it is downstairs!
Looked at plumbworld who seem to be the cheapest for contempory freestanding baths £350. We want one set up on a plinth higher than the rest of the bathroom. flat bottom not claw feet.
Looking at the standpipe floor taps the cheapest I can find are on Taps uk at £160
Sink in a vanity unit and cascade waterfall taps £350.
Tiles we were thinking textured brown tiles, matching floor tiles, waist height.
Any recommendations for sites for reasonable priced baths etc

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