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Halls- with Dado rails...what to do

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3rdnparty Wed 13-Mar-13 13:37:41

We have finally arranged to get someone to redecorate our hall/landing stairs...he has of course quite reasonably asked what colour paint we want - and also if we want different colour below and above the dado rail-

In my head I just want it not the colours it is (currently terracota below paleish orange above) as I really really really don't like the colours on there so hadn't thought about it..but...

he suggests it would be more practical and also more suitable to the house (late victorian/edwardian) high ceilings not a lot of natural light...

If I go for two diff colours how extreme different or do you just do tones I quite like this white.....

and the colour of the skirting I also like

or is that too institutionalised... I do need to be practical though as always have kids am clueless

3rdnparty Wed 13-Mar-13 13:38:43

oops links-white


wonkylegs Wed 13-Mar-13 13:55:11

I'd love to have a dado rail but unfortunately ours was ripped out sometime in the past. My neighbour has a similar White to the one you've chosen but with something like this underneath. It's light and fresh but works well.

betterwhenthesunshines Wed 13-Mar-13 14:21:44

I think that green is quite dark.
I'd be more inclined to go a bit lighter like this one for skirtings if you want coloured

this one for under dado and dado itself

and then the james white above

haveapear Wed 13-Mar-13 14:42:48

Watching with interest, we've got the same problem Op not helped by the moss green stair carpet. I'm tempted to do the lot all the same colour. At the moment the skirting is white, the lower half cream painted anaglypta wall paper and the upper half duck egg blue patterned wall paper. Sounds nice but it really isn't.

3rdnparty Wed 13-Mar-13 17:10:04

Thanks all, love the blue grey...have the French grey in our bathroom but its south facing so quite green.....think your right about lichen, was thinking of doing all the woodwork white as its so dark...then leaving the handrail wood... Old white not on my f&b card... Will need to get some samples I think..f&b put the blue grey with slipper satin...

Had soft apple in my old house think will be too yellow in this room though might dig out my old pot!

We have a grubby peach carpet too, definitely doesn't Help

Could I do the woodwork bog standard white gloss with the v matt walls ?

NotGoodNotBad Wed 13-Mar-13 19:06:47

We have a small Victorian house with dado rail in hall, stairs and landing. Floor is light yellow-painted boards. We have off-white woodwork, ivory above the dado rail and on the ceiling (more creamy than the woodwork), white cornices, and below the dado - wait for it - purple. grin Looks fab! at least I think so, and visitors are too polite to contradict me

3rdnparty Thu 14-Mar-13 08:19:16

I do like purple!though have never used it in a room on the wall although am considering one for the front door so maybe should consider the theme but it is so dark.....esp upstairs ....

NotGoodNotBad Thu 14-Mar-13 08:43:12

But our purple is only below the dado rail - light floor, light upper walls and light ceiling. smile Oh, and we have purple/white drapes around the windows and now have a purple stripy runner in the hall.

NotGoodNotBad Thu 14-Mar-13 08:44:00

And the lower walls are sponged with a lighter purple (probably really old-fashioned these days but who cares?!)

ByTheWay1 Thu 14-Mar-13 09:14:00

satin instead of gloss was my big discovery - looks sooooooo much nicer with a soft sheen to it.. - and B&Q Colours range DON'T stink up the house for a month!!!

NotGoodNotBad Thu 14-Mar-13 12:13:19

Yeah, we did all our woodwork with water-based satin (not sure which as it was a few years ago now). Being water-based even the satin isn't that shiny. Much easier for cleaning up brushes, lack of smell etc. and mostly it's still fine now, though wearing a bit on the grubbiest doors that I have to keep wiping. There's the odd chip but then you get that with gloss too.

wfrances Thu 14-Mar-13 12:28:01

ive just done my hallway and stairs
it was f&b ball green which i loved but it was too dark mid stairs and landing as we have no natural light up there.
so we added a dado rail and now have..
ceiling, top of dado -all white
below dado-shaded white
dado and all woodwork- all white
wheat/drk gold carpet
dark wood floor in hall,
the shaded white looks rich and fab in the dark areas on the stairs and landing but i think it looks too pale in my light flooded hallway so im going to paint that a shade darker maybe hardwick white ??

PigletJohn Thu 14-Mar-13 13:22:49


if dado rail is what you want, buy some from a timber merchant.

I strongly recomment fixing it with small countersunk screws, so it is easy to remove one day without wrecking the wall dec.

LemonBreeland Thu 14-Mar-13 13:28:03

My hallway is duck egg on the bottom and white on top. I think it's calming. I looked at colours similar to the lichen but found them a little green for my tastes.

The blue grey is lovely and would be so calm and peaceful compared to terracotta.

3rdnparty Thu 14-Mar-13 18:04:26

off sample shopping tomorrow, am not sure the shaded white will be practical enough for all the manky children! but as no natural light maybe better bet....

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