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Cream or black range oven?

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renovatinghouse Thu 07-Mar-13 23:04:24

Hello! I am doing my kitchen and cannot decide the color of the range. It is a Rangemaster Professional Deluxe. The cupboards are off white shaker style and the floor is oak. Countertops will be cream-like quartz and oak for the island. Walls will be some off white (I believe called Clay or something like that from Littel Greene). The fridge is stainless Steele as well as the extractor fan.

I like the black range but architect and DH think it will stand out too much in the kitchen, as it is big, so I cannot decide. They prefer the cream whick i am not too keen on. Any opinions/experience greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!

blueshoes Sun 10-Mar-13 23:21:55

Hi renovating, about cleaning the grout, our kitchen is so new (2 month's old) that I cannot really answer that but so far, no problems with cleaning and it is not a day-to-day issue. We also had a tiled backsplash in our last kitchen. Over time - our kitchen was 10 years' old when we left - the grease does get in and darken the grout but I was not particularly religious about cleaning so that could be the problem.

renovatinghouse Tue 12-Mar-13 03:58:38

Hi blue, thanks!

LittleMilla Tue 12-Mar-13 15:48:27

We're going (hopefully!) for a gunmetal Rangemaster...our kitchen is going to be blue/gray units with a light worktop and creamy/honey coloured tiled floor. Black is too heavy and I cannot face the thought of trying to keep stainless steel looking shiny with a toddler.

interested in know if anyone has spotted a cheaper make that does grey/slate colours. Only seen rangemaster and now falcon up thread...

renovatinghouse Tue 12-Mar-13 16:58:15

Blue, sorry, one more question: by any chance are your sage tiles from Fired Earth?

Hi Little, what model is your gunmetal Rangemaster? I have not seen that colour... thanks!

LittleMilla Tue 12-Mar-13 17:56:28

It's the Toledo. I am fixed to having a 90cm sadly. Let me know if you see any cheaper ones in different colours tho!

Nickyshotter65 Wed 04-Sep-13 10:45:49

Hi. I have the same dilemma I am going for a cream kitchen but cannot decide what colour range to go for as a bit worried there will be too many creams. I googled "pictures of cream kitchens with range cooker" and you get loads of different colours to give you some idea of what they may look like. Good luck

Renovatinghouse Wed 04-Sep-13 12:45:11

Hello! This is an old thread so my kitchen is finished And beautiful! I went for the cream range and it looks really nice. I have added colour through pictures in the walls and colorful china. I was not sure but I am glad we went for neutral tones. And I love the cream quartz countertops! So much better than the oak top for the island - which despite looking very pretty it has already stained after only 3 months!

spotty26 Wed 04-Sep-13 16:59:32

Black! Nice contrast...

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